Sigmund, the designer couch

There are few introductions to be made of one of the novelties in our catalog, the Sigmund design divan. Designed with premium materials, simple lines and immaculate white (or another color). A fundamental piece of furniture for a chill out decoration, for the decoration of spacious rooms that invite to relax, also interesting for living rooms at home with a lot of space that can take advantage of a wall with it… And even for a sufficiently large foyer, with a style more typical of Nordic decoration.

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divan Sigmund divans of the brand Fiaka

Sigmund Freud divanAnd the name of this couch is not to be given as much of a clue either. We relate it directly to the surname of the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), because he relied on this piece of furniture to treat his patients. First, to avoid eye contact; second, to help the interviewee relax. “I can’t resist spending eight or more hours a day having someone’s gaze constantly fixed on me. But, in addition, as I listen to the subject, I also abandon myself to the course of my unconscious ideas, I do not want my gesture to provide the patient with material for interpretations or to influence his manifestations,” said Freud himself. In the United States, people at first did not take well to lying down on the couch, considering it a humiliation. Today, psychoanalysis cannot be understood without the couch. Patients ask for it.

Why the couch? As Carola Kweksilber explains in this article, Freud attended at home, with furniture from his office, and this divan was a gift from the late 19th century. He had it covered with tapestries, filled with cushions, he took care of it…. He had it as his favorite tool until his death. When Freud lost the hearing in one ear, they changed the wall couch so that he could listen with the other ear.

Freud's couch

It is actually a piece of furniture whose name comes from ‘diwan’, which was the meeting room of the sultans’ council. It comes from the 8th century in Turkey, and since it has no back, it is a typically oriental piece of furniture, now completely westernized. Of course, it is easy to imagine the ancestors of the couch, in the Roman Empire, where senators and patricians rested. It invites relaxation and rest, and is ideally placed next to a wall.

Fiaka has updated it to the 21st century, taking into account the new trends in chill out decoration. The best complement – in fact we can say that it is mandatory – for a divan are the cushions. At we manufacture them with two custom-made cushions, but more can be added. Relaxation and reflection, two in one!

  • Wooden structure and moldable materials, combined with high density resistant surface.
  • High resistance poly-leather upholstery, easy to clean.
  • Available in the full range of colors.
  • Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 40 cm