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The living room is usually one of the nerve centers of the home. In some countries it is called ‘living room’, an English term that if we were to translate it literally into Spanish would mean something like the room where you are living, where you make life. Normally, the living room is the family’s daily meeting point -especially when it includes the dining room- but it is also the space to receive visitors.

living room decorating ideas
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There are homes that, due to their size, allow the living room to be distributed in two different rooms. In these cases their destinations are separated as a reception area, on the one hand, and daily use, on the other. However, more and more people -especially in small houses- are betting on including both areas in an open space, but differentiating both environments.

There are as many ‘recipes’ for decorating the living room as there are styles and tastes. For this reason, it is best to opt for a decoration that is both attractive and cozy, as well as functional, i.e., according to the use to be given to the living room.

living room decorating ideas
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Given the importance of this space for socializing par excellence, we always advise you to give it personality and character so that it does not turn out to be a cold place that has little or nothing to say about you. With this in mind, we summarize five formulas that will help you achieve this:

Mixes history with the present

The eclecticism that follows the current decoration gives an important weight to history, without forgetting the contemporary. Hence the rise of vintage, retro or shabby chic styles, for example. The combination of recovered and recycled pieces with others that add a modern touch usually works very well in this line. Contrast is also a key element, through interiors with a rustic or industrial touch combined with elements that give an elegant and designer air. Special care must be taken, however, when balancing these combinations, as not everything is compatible and the intention is to create a cozy atmosphere.

living room decorating ideas
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Walls with a lot to say

The graphics, the color of the walls or the paintings can help the living room have a lot to say. It is not about creating overloaded and suffocating spaces, on the contrary. The idea is to choose the right ornaments so that the room does not appear impersonal and empty.

Natural evocation

The natural evocation environments, through wood and neutral colors, transmit peace, balance, serenity… This is why nature-inspired designs are often chosen for the living room.

living room decorating ideas
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living room decoration
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Puffs and textiles

Textile complements such as rugs, curtains, curtains and cushions
can add touches of color that give warmth to the living room. Pouffes – whether rigid, soft or with original shapes – also offer a casual but also comfortable seating that, depending on their design, allow you to rest either sitting or lying down.

living room decoration
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living room decorating ideas
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living room decoration
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Furniture with personality

When decorating the living room, the choice of the sofa is very important.
the heart of this room. Once you have decided on the model –
these tips can help you
– the furniture should be in accordance with its style, as well as its use. Pieces with character, such as designer
designer chairs
furniture, reclaimed or recycled furniture… allow you to give personality to the space.

living room decoration
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living room decorating ideas
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