Retro style decoration

Thinking that retro style decoration only has to do with the old and not with the new can be a common misconception. Retro-style decorated spaces allow for a synchronized juxtaposition of old and new. That is why this type of decoration with furniture of different colors, textures and lines is still in use today.

Difference between vintage and retro style

When we talk about these two decorative trends, we tend to talk about them as synonyms. However, despite being two similar styles, they have an important nuance that differentiates them.

The key difference lies in the fact that the vintage style is composed of decorative elements and furnishings typical of the period. That is, if a sofa is vintage, it is because it was designed and manufactured in the era that is not the current one.

Fiaka retro custom-made armchair

On the other hand, the retro style uses objects that are inspired by vintage decoration following “antique” decoration patterns but manufactured in the current era. This way you can decorate a space in the Danish style of the 50’s with modern and current textures. That’s why this ideal blend of new and vintage is so beloved by today’s designers and interior designers.

Characteristics of retro style decoration

Among its features we are faced with a “boom” of designs and colors. Both pastel shades and strong colors are typical of retro decoration. Depending on the period in which the furniture or decorative object is inspired, we can find ourselves in front of a yellow armchair or a beige vase.

Retro Decoration

It is common to see mixtures of textures such as leather and metal chairs or wool and wood armchairs. Geometric patterns are also used.

Furniture in retro style decoration

As we have already mentioned before, retro furniture is that which has been inspired and designed according to patterns of a certain era, but has been manufactured today. However, there are certain models that are so common in this type of decoration that we cannot fail to mention them.

Chester Sofa

A classic in every sense. Nowadays, the Chester sofa is used both in event decoration and waiting rooms to provide a retro piece that has no comparison.


Retro style stools

High and low stools are key in a bar or restaurant where you want to achieve a retro atmosphere. Placed around a bar, they are the center of attention and the necessary link to unite the modern with the vintage.

Vintage Retro Stool

Retro style chairs

As for both home and hospitality chairs, the retro style gives freedom to the combination of chairs of different types and even materials. You can combine a metal and leather chair with a plastic one, always taking into account their differences.

Retro style decoration


This piece of furniture has always been a decorative element that adapts perfectly to one style or another. Perhaps because of its flexibility it is still popular with decorators when it comes to interior design.

Lago retro lounger

Pouffes have been reinventing themselves and therefore it is possible to create a retro room both indoors and outdoors. Lounger poufs are useful and add a chic touch to the rest of the decor.