Renovation of rental apartments without renovation work

Finding the rental apartment we dreamed of is not an easy task. Not many homeowners resort to home staging techniques.
Home Staging
to make the interior design of their home more attractive. What’s more, we often come across old apartments that have never been renovated, with worn, deteriorated and even tacky floors, as well as furniture that looks like something out of a horror movie. The problem is that, since it is someone else’s property, renovations are not always possible or simply do not pay off. In case you have found a property with potential, but you are not convinced, it is possible to renovate its ‘look’ without doing works or spending a lot of money. We summarize in this post some low cost tricks to give a new look to your rental apartment, so that it is close to the one of your dreams.


If the floor of the house looks like a ‘puzzle’ because it combines tiles of different types in each room, the result of the reforms of yesteryear, or it is too unsightly , there are alternatives to the works. You can always consider the option of placing PVC or vinyl flooring on its surface that imitates wood with excellent results. There are very affordable varieties that can be installed by yourself. Self-adhesive planks and tiles are also available on the market, as well as laminate flooring at low prices, which can also be installed in person.

If these alternatives are beyond the budget, there is the alternative of polishing and shining the floor or placing beautiful carpets on the most deteriorated areas.

Furniture and accessories

When the furniture in the rented apartment is out of fashion, there are alternatives to recover it without the need to be an expert in carpentry. We recommend, among other possibilities, to cover the furniture with adhesive vinyl, lacquer or paint it.

In this way, spaces as important as the kitchen can change radically, as in this example told step by step in the blog X4duros.

covering furniture with vinyl
Vinyl lined kitchen cabinets. Via X4duros
Restoring furniture with paint
Painted furniture to renew the look of the kitchen. Via Casahaus

If you are thinking of taking advantage of old items to make your own furniture, the alternatives are as wide as your imagination. In fact, with the recycling of wooden boxes or the already classic pallets, among other materials, you can design from
your own DIY sofa
to original lamps handmade or beautiful candle holders that create an intimate atmosphere. You can also build headboards with a style of their own that give personality to the bedrooms, as well as other creative other creative pieces and complements oriented to give a different look to the decoration.

tables made from old windows
Table made from old windows. Via Amazing Interior Design
recycling and decoration
Bookcase and seat designed with old boxes. Via Decoholic

There are also countless ideas to recycle outdoor
recycle exteriors such as the terrace or balcony, giving a second life to
giving a second life to a multitude of objects.

3. Walls

Wallpaper is not only back in fashion, but also allows you to completely change the style of a room. Vinyls and murals will also help you to make the rental apartment look different. Finally, you can always resort to color-based paint for renovation.

renovate the look of a rented apartment
Wallpaper to give a different look to the walls. Via Decorating Guide
painting walls to change decoration
Painting to renovate a patio. Via Ask Sherwin