Receptions: ideas for decorating a lobby

How to decorate a lobby or reception? The lobby of a hotel, restaurant or shopping mall is a common space that accommodates visitors while they wait or take a break.

The time a customer spends in this area is a determining factor in deciding whether they like the site or not. Hence the importance of having a space that makes a good first impression.

There are several aspects to take into account when decorating a lobby, which we will discuss in this post.

How to decorate a Lobby : The 3 keys to success

Type of business

Depending on whether it is a hotel or a showroom, the purpose of decoration would be different.

In the case of a hotel, a lobby represents a large room, a space that we find just as we enter. This is where tourists usually spend between 15 minutes or 1 hour (depending on the number of people and the performance of receptionists) to check in and start their stay at the hotel. It is during this time interval that we evaluate the hotel’s facilities. And yes, we judge by what we see at the entrance. The lobby in this case is a kind of showcase of the style and the future room that awaits the client.

Decorate Hotel Lobby
Lobby / Hotel Reception

If we think of another type of business, such as, for example, a clinic or a showroom, the waiting room invites mainly to take a break, rest and wait to be attended.

As superficial as it may sound, whatever the functionality, the decorative elements such as furniture, lighting and colors chosen are the mirage of the professionalism you offer.


What do you want to convey? The style and theme you choose for your business needs to focus on this dedicated space to impress. When decorating a lobby , try to make sure that it has personalized decorative elements and furniture that represent the essence of your hotel, restaurant or showroom.

Use light colors to make waiting time more pleasant. This tip is very useful with appointment-only businesses that need to convey cleanliness and confidence.

Warm colors serve to welcome the customer and convey a sense of relaxation if the waiting time can be exceeded.

Suitable furniture

Perhaps the most important point to consider is the furniture for the lobby. Whether in a tropical oasis or a futuristic space, sofas, armchairs, benches, stools or poufs have to speak for everything else.

Take a look at the design of the Only You Hotel in Madrid. Its design revolves around the huge bookcase that is surrounded by a curved upholstered bench that invites you to sit and observe the styling of the room. They are accompanied with a chic and modern touch by contemporary armchairs.

Lobby Hotel Only You-Madrid
Lobby Hotel Only You-Madrid

Another example of a successful lobby is the four-star Hotel Carlos I located in Benidorm in the heart of the Costa Blanca.

Just by observing the lobby, one can deduce that all the elements that make up its design offer a “home-like” stay with a futuristic touch. They have opted for Contract sofas with straight lines and upholstered tables.
upholstered tables

Finally, not only sofas and armchairs can be considered as furniture. There are decorative elements that can steal any prominence from everything around them. An example is the latticework, used to separate different spaces or to mark a difference with personalized ornaments such as the one we see in the lobby of the Hotel Destino Pachá Ibiza Resort.

How to decorate a Hotel Lobby
Lobby Hotel Destino Pacha Ibiza

Pouffes made in capitonné complete the decoration and functionality of the hallway.

Let’s decorate!