Reasons to buy custom-made wooden tables

As in every restaurant, there comes a time when it is time for renovations. When you get to that point you start to wonder which furniture you can keep and which you have to change. One of the most important pieces that take up the most space in the store are the tables. When it comes to buying new ones, the same question always arises: should I buy custom-made wooden tables or opt for a table already manufactured in any furniture store?

Undoubtedly, most will opt for the second option and end up buying ready-made tables. Possibly because it is cheaper or because they want to replace them in the shortest possible time, but is it really worth it? Is that table the best fit for your restaurant space? Will you want to exchange it for others after a few years?

When we are going to buy
restaurant furniture, we must get it right.
we must do it right. This includes thinking carefully about whether the item you are going to buy is the one that best suits your needs. If we choose to buy custom-made wooden tables, we will have a 100% customized product, in the color we want, with the texture we want and with finishes that are to our liking. Don’t you think this is the best way to tackle the purchase of tables for your restaurant? If not, today we want to show you a number of reasons why you should opt for
custom-made tables
for your restaurant instead of prefabricated tables. We are sure that from now on you will have a new perspective.

5 reasons to buy custom-made wooden tables for your restaurant



The measure

It seems trivial, but the number one reason to buy a custom table is because many homeowners can’t find tables or chairs for
restaurant tables or chairs
that perfectly fit the space where they want to place it. And yes, we recognize that it is difficult to get it because the prefabricated tables are made under standard measures, where only a selected group has enough space to include it.

However, a large percentage of customers do not have enough space to buy them. For this reason, a custom-made table is the only solution. From Fiaka we work based on the measurements of your premises, with the aim of making the most of the space, making the distribution of it much more comfortable for both your customers and your employees.


Some businesses have larger budgets than others when it comes to renovations. This should not be a problem when buying custom-made wooden tables, since at Fiaka we adapt to any type of budget, offering you the best options and different manufacturing materials. Whether reducing the size, or reducing the number of chairs, you can always get the table you want, if the manufacturers can design it from scratch.

Type of wood

There are different types of wood, among which you will have to choose one. It’s hard to choose, but we’re sure you’ll thank us for it in the long run. It is important to choose the right type of wood for your tables and to take into account their intended use.

When you choose to buy custom-made tables, you have the option to choose exactly the material of manufacture, with the tone you like or the finishes you like. This is the only way to be 100% satisfied, since you can check even the smallest detail.


When you opt for a custom-made table project for our restaurant, you have the right to choose how you want the structure and shape of the table to be. On certain occasions, when you visit any furniture store, you realize that there is a table model that you like, but when you delve into its features, there is always something you don’t like; its finish, finishes, shape of its legs or surface or color. With this service you can customize any type of furniture 100% no matter how strange it may seem.


When we want all the furniture to be in harmony with the style of our restaurant, you will need to choose yourself the ideal color of the wooden tables for your restaurant, as well as even the color of the legs. That is one of the main problems when buying prefabricated tables, and that is that there is a possibility that the table you like is not available in the color you want. If we do not take into account the style of our restaurant, we may end up generating a rainbow of colors inside.

Believe it or not, this is a common reason that puts customers off buying a prefabricated table. More and more people are taking care of the small details to maintain the originality of their premises. If you have gone through this problem, you will easily understand. That is why most of our customers highly recommend our custom wood table manufacturing service.