Quick and inexpensive business renovation

Reforming a business is not an easy task. If you have not made any reform, these may seem like an easy way to give a change to your premises or business, but undoubtedly they can give you more than a headache.

From Fiaka we want to give you some guidelines for the reform of a local without having to scratch your pocket.

Tricks to Reform a Business

Buy special pieces of furniture

It could be very interesting to add some objects to the decoration of your premises. We talk about giving a personal touch to the furniture you already have, combining it also with original pieces such as puffs, pallet sofas or personalized furniture, which can give a different touch to your business without having to invest a lot of money in them.

Here we are going to leave you some guidelines to become an expert in furniture with which to reform a business in the fastest and easiest way .

Pay attention and get some ideas.

Be creative when choosing your furnishings

In recent years it has become fashionable to use pallet furniture. It is one of the best alternatives if you do not want to spend a lot of money on the reform of your business premises and get to give a special and creative touch to some of the rooms of your business.

Pallet sofas manufactured by Fiaka.

Find furniture that sets you apart from the rest

By this we don’t mean just looking for nice or special furniture. In addition to aesthetics, it must meet a series of requirements for the wearer to be comfortable. A good example of this type of special furniture are puffs or sofas with original designs.

Fiaka Puffs used for outdoor use.

Pouffes are very fashionable and it is a product that is not usually used for business, but we have to keep in mind that a main feature of all furniture is its functionality. To do this, we must know our audience to decide whether it would be a good option for our business or not. It is a seat that could be used in environments with a young audience, but is not as functional in places with an influx of middle-aged people.

Use furniture of different styles

With this we must be careful as getting “too creative” can sometimes work against us. Where is it written that an antique mirror cannot look good next to a modern decor? Those little touches mixing the old with the modern are usually a good resource and can play in your favor.

Renew textiles

Textiles are a key part of the decoration of your premises and do not require a large outlay of money.

Changing the covers of the sofas, curtains or carpets of our business will radically change the color and bring another essence to the premises. You can choose bright colors if you want to bring a touch of fun to the place or more muted colors if you want to generate a sense of tranquility and comfort.

New coat of paint

It’s time to choose the paint to renovate a store and, believe me, with so many colors it’s easy to get lost. Don’t worry, each color has a meaning and a psychology that awaken different emotions in us. For this reason, if you have a restaurant focused on a young audience you can study which color connects better with them.

So that you don’t make a mistake with the choice of color, we will explain the meaning of each one.
Let’s get to it.

Reforming a business based on color psychology

The color red is associated with passion, emotion or energy.

The meaning of the color yellow is associated with happiness or optimism, but at the same time it is associated with deception or warning.

Yellow paint used for the decoration of a restaurant.

Blue is the favorite color of a great majority and is associated with the sky, the sea and everything they convey; calm, harmony, security and stability.

Green is related to nature, ecology, hope or peace. You may have noticed that many brands use it to convey that their product is healthy, that their store works with organic products or that they respect the environment.

Green color used in vegan food restaurant.

Orange is a color that appears when red is mixed with yellow and represents quality or creativity. It is an eye-catching color that helps to capture attention and stimulation.

The color black represents elegance, glamour or sophistication. It is used by brands whose customers are high class.

White is associated with purity, clarity or cleanliness. It is used for backgrounds, as it creates a perception of spaciousness and makes spaces appear large.

Violet is associated with luxury and wisdom. Light shades are often used in beauty products as it connects very well with personal care.

The color pink conveys warmth, love and femininity. It is a very powerful color, especially for the female audience, so it connects very well in products for this audience.

Colors used for the decoration of a store.

Do you already know what you need for the walls when renovating a business?

In case we have not yet convinced you of the importance of color, according to a study by “Color Marketing Group”, almost 93% of customers buy a product based on its color.

It may not seem to affect us, but we only need 90 seconds for our subconscious to analyze a product and keep it in mind for purchase or not to pay any more attention to it.

Play with lighting

We usually perceive the different types of lamps as a source that generates artificial light, but behind it there is a great variety of details to take care of, such as the type of light, the function to be carried out, the energy consumption or the performance.

Lighting used inside a bar.

To design the lighting installation of our business we must decide the type of light we are going to use.

The most common ones used in interior design are:

  • Non-halogen incandescent.
  • Incandescent halogen.
  • Fluorescent.
  • Metal halogens.
  • Led.
  • Fiber Optics.
Recycled wooden boxes used to decorate the interior of a shop.

The choice of the type of light we choose for the reform of a business will depend on the style we want to give it. This will enhance the different areas of our store and will give more color to shop windows, shelves or counters.

We must take into account the emotions that the customer is looking for when entering an establishment, and lighting plays a very important role in providing warmth, intensity, direction or color.

We hope this article has been useful and you have soaked up all the information possible to get that style that is asking for your local, but if you are not convinced by the advice we have given you and you need furniture for restaurants, bars or nightclubs we are at your disposal offering the best furniture for professionals.