Puff for children’s decoration

Normally, children’s decoration is focused on the rest and play of the little ones in equal proportions. The delicate environments, in pastel and white tones, of the youngest ages soon give way to more colorful and motivating ones as the kings of the house grow up.

Children's decoration
Via Peque Decoracion

The designs are therefore designed to awaken children’s fantasy and creativity, so that even rest involves adventure. Hence, furniture, decorative vinyls and ornamental details for children are based on original and eye-catching designs.

For this reason, more and more often, puff children’s bedrooms are used in the decoration of children’s bedrooms , a characteristic furniture in the decoration of nurseries and nursery spaces, where the pear puff, the rigid and soft puff in different shapes, as well as some models of giant puff armchairs such as the Vela or the Marina are triumphant.

Giant FIaka poufs at Centro Entre Mamás
Puff Marina in the Entre Mamás center.
Children's decoration
Via kireei
Fiaka Ambient Puff at KidsandBig
Puff by Fiaka in the Kids and Bigs children’s leisure center.

As far as children’s poufs are concerned, in addition to their unquestionable comfort, there are creative designs that take the image of a “boring seat” away from the little ones and transform them into another element of fun and play in the room. In Fiaka Ambient we have four models specially designed for this purpose:

Fiaka children's poufs
Fiaka Mini Cool Pouffe

Guay Mini: This pear-shaped pouf, ideal for small spaces, adopts different shapes – depending on whether the kids want to sit or lie down – thanks to its filling of expanded polystyrene beads with immediate volume recovery memory.

Children's decoration
Mini Cool

Pouf Marina Infant: This small pouf bed, available in different colors, is very moldable, comfortable and fun for the kids’ room.

Children's decoration
Marina Infant Puff
Children's decoration
Via Entre Chiquitines

Puff Pelota: One of the favorite puff for the little ones who like soccer. Shaped like a ball, it can be personalized with the colors of your favorite team.

Children's decoration
Fiaka Pelota
Children's decoration
Via Decoration 2

Mini Paros: Its shape makes it ideal for children to sit and play, read or rest. It also allows sitting or lying down.

Children's decoration
Mini Paros

Apart from the models expressly designed for children, we personalize the children’s poufs with the name of the little ones and we create designs according to their imagination.

Personalized children's poufs
Eventisimo, communication and events agency commissioned us these fun puff for a children’s area.