Preparing your pool for the summer: terrace and outdoor furniture

Although some are already on vacation and others are still working, we are all already immersed in the middle of summer. Among our favorite pastimes in the warmer months , what could be better than a cool dip in the pool of our dreams. The good stuff is coming to an end soon – have you got everything ready?

Earlier we told you about the trend that prevails this summer, and so we continue with the refreshing themes. It’s halfway through the summer and you can still get the ambiance that will delight you and your whole family.

The main thing, apart from having a pool in your garden, is to have the appropriate furniture.

What are the 3 “must-haves” of a garden to enjoy your pool?

Swimming pool in summer
Pool mats

Lounger for you, lounger for me

There is something for all tastes and colors. Only you know the atmosphere you want to create in your outdoor space. We just tell you that a sun lounger is a must. It is the place to rest for both adults and children after cooling off in the water. We all know the typical plastic lounger, but because they are quite uncomfortable (and your home is not a place for discomfort) soft loungers are becoming more and more popular lately. In addition to being very soft, perfectly moldable to the body of each person, they correspond to a Chill Out style worthy of a fine and elegant environment. What’s more, kids are sure to love it, especially if you choose an eye-catching fabric.

Tip: As for this (fabric), try to take precautions and opt for one that will last for a long time and is practical. The special leatherette for nautical use is now widely used by both professionals and individuals, because it is resistant, antibacterial and fireproof.

If you are a lover of the classic and the “old-fashioned” there is also something for you. The director-style loungers are perfect for refreshments and sunbathing. And the best of all is that they are foldable, more practical than ever!

Hammock director
Hammock director

Tip: The fabric used for these hammocks is acrylic canvas. It is a strong and resistant fabric. Its 100% acrylic fiber composition incorporates a protective treatment against water and oil stains, so useful outdoors in summer.

To bed!

Yes, yes, but to the Balinese sunbathing. Square or round, with or without canopy, it is the dream of every summer lover. Before the kids go to school and their vacation is over, make the most of it. Simulate your luxury hotel like Asia Gardens Hotel or Hotel Jimbaran Puri Bali in your own garden. Keep in mind the tips when choosing one, it has to have a quality comfortable mattress, as it is the essence of the bed. The curtains (if it is a Balinese canopy bed ) are a great complement to protect you from the sun and give it that Chill Out touch that you like so much. Make sure they can be removed for repair or washing.

Balinese bed in swimming pool
Balinese bed in swimming pool

Comfort and summer aesthetics: 2 for 1

We are talking about pallet furniture that combines these two characteristics and many other advantages. For those who care about the environment, it is the best option available. It is a type of furniture made with a wooden base whose comfort consists of foam rubber cushions. Of this type of furniture there are sofas, loungers, puff, and even, Balinese beds, this is all to enjoy and relax by your pool.

Pallet Furniture
Pallet Furniture Set

Another advantage of pallet furniture is that it is very stable and does not depend on the measurements you have in your garden, it can be made to measure! Can you imagine a summer terrace with a white wooden sofa and cushions upholstered in Amazon fabric? It would be an authentic atmosphere of the Chill Out of Goa…(only the famous sunset would be missing).

Pool furniture

It’s halfway through the glorious summer season, but you still have the opportunity to spend time with yourself and your family and take the break you deserve.

Rest, decorate and have fun, we help you. Ask us anything you want, this summer 2018 in Fiaka we will still be here to advise you.


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