Poufs and relax at Ganbara Hostel

Much is changing in the tourism and hospitality business in recent times. In addition to adapting to new technologies and new customs, the decoration of hotels and hostels is concerned with generating an atmosphere and acquiring a specific personality, with which guests can identify. There are bizarre places all over the world with extreme decorations, very dull hotels with the same old furniture and very little concern, and others that are born with a preconceived idea and aesthetic objectives.

Ganbara Hotel decoration Fiaka

hotel decoration Fiaka furniture

In the case of Ganbara Hostel, in the heart of the most historic Bilbao, the fundamental characteristics are to be a cheap hostel, a practical hostel and a functional hostel in the heart of the old town of such a beautiful city. As for the decoration, based on a lot of order and clarity, a touch of industrial touch and many colors, it is very well in tune with the environment of a city like Bilbao and brings the tourist freshness of recent years.

Hostel Ganbara Bilbao furniture

Clean tables and clean walls, nothing overloaded, mixes of red, green, blue, industrial details… It looks like a modern Berlin hostel, designed for practical purposes. Its purpose is clear: young, motivated people who come to Bilbao to get to know the culture and history of the city and need a central, very economical, fast, comfortable and functional hostel. For this public, Asian luxuries, vintage decoration and rustic airs are not coherent. Quality furniture is better , dynamically tuned and very, very comfortable to rest after a full day of walking around museums and monuments. Ganbara Hostal has included Fiaka poufs in its decoration, such as the Marina pouf, which is a guarantee of success, or 30×60 soft cylindrical poufs in various colors -we will not tire of saying that the combination of poufs in different colors is rarely a failure!

Colorful poufs Fiaka Ganbara

Giant Fiaka poufs in Ganbara

Marine poufs at Ganbara Guesthouse

If you visit Bilbao in the near future and pass by this hostel in the Siete Calles, give them our regards. Agur!