Pouf pera in Decoratrix!

Since we started our journey in the 2.0 environment, in tumbona Duna pale we have been deprived of the possibility of rewarding our followers and customers with sweepstakes and special promotions. Many of them we have done through Facebook (stay tuned to your screens) and this time it will be something special.

In collaboration with Decoratrix (a decoration portal that we highly recommend) we raffled a Fiaka Mini Guay pear pouf like the one you see in the images. To participate, all you have to do is register on their website. As indicated in the article, it measures 65x65x120 cm, and the winner will be able to choose the color of it. The deadline to participate is June 13. And the link to participate is this.

Pear pouf by Fiaka.es
Fiaka Mini Guay pear pouf

Meanwhile, on Big Brother 12+1….

Speaking of contests, we refer to one that we already know all too well, Big Brother 12+1, especially because of its furniture. Our Fiaka chests are still there, representing us and being witnesses. With yesterday’s final gala, in which Pepe Flores won, the contest was over, but yesterday it was announced that all the contestants would return to the Guadalix house to settle their differences until the Eurocup begins. So we’ll have to wait a little longer for our chests to come home…. What do you think we could do with them? We are starting to receive fans willing to buy them…


Big Brother 12+1 Furniture
Pepe Flores, once he knew he was the winner of the contest.
Big Brother 12+1 trunks
One of the moments of GH, in which our trunks were the protagonists.