Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother’s Day Gifts

All these days we have been presenting you our new collections, our professional projects and many decoration ideas. We were able to talk about fashion, trends and innovations in the design and furniture sector. All of these are curious and interesting topics, but today we want to write about the single most important one we have in our lives. And Mother’s Day is coming!

There is no better day to show the love, affection and appreciation we have for our mother. But her day is her day and we can use it to remind her of how much we love her.

How did Mother’s Day come about?

To know its origin we have to go back to Ancient Greece. That civilization many years ago decided to begin this celebration by honoring Rhea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

And as you can see, it has turned out quite well, since, in spite of undergoing many modifications, we continue to celebrate it to this day.Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

How is it celebrated now?

Today, it is considered a special and symbolic day in which we take the opportunity to give a nice gift as a token of affection.

Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

What is the best gift?

There is no such thing as an ideal gift, since obviously, each person has his or her own tastes and needs. However, there is one gift that never fails and it is very difficult not to get it right: Pillows with phrases!

In Fiaka we have included in our catalog, a special collection of cushions with phrases of motivation and affection to give to the most important people around us, including our mother.

Here are some of the ideal cushions for her:

  • Cushion “You can’t imagine how much I care about you“. A perfect gift to keep in mind at all times.

Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

  • Kiss me before you go out and after you come in” cushion. An easy way to tell her that her love is the most precious thing.

Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

  • Cushion “Your hugs heal everything“. And why not? She is the only one who knows what to do when we are sad.

Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

Being an original and useful gift, he will surely love his cushion with a dedication phrase.

All cushions are of exceptional quality and are filled with high quality hollow fiber and are predestined to house the most valuable thing: your mother’s rest.

Consult all the available varieties in the Catalog and choose the one you will like the most.

What if she is a decoration lover?

In addition to cushions with phrases for Mother’s Day, we also have other models with different decorative elements for your bedroom, living room, reading room, etc.

We have cushions with floral prints, stripes, hearts, bright colors… Take this moment as a perfect opportunity to spend a fun time together choosing decorative novelties.Pillows with Phrases: Original Mother's Day Gifts

Prepare yourself with time and don’t get caught by the bull. Don’t forget the gift wrapping! A thoughtful detail is the best token of attention and your mom deserves it more than anyone. See you soon!