Outdoor furniture: Enjoy the summer!

We are already in the climax of summer, a great time to relax comfortably, especially if we have our own terrace or garden.
We are sure that many of you rely on us for the decoration of your
and we would love to see them! so we invite you to send us lots and lots of photos.
Today we are going to show you the photos of some of you who have already encouraged.
Let’s start with a terrace, which makes us completely forget about the stress of the city, don’t you think that our pallet furniture could not be better used?

pallet furniture



Now we completely change of scenery, and we move to the porch of a villa completely away from the city, in this case, the main protagonist is the

nantes sofa

accompanied by some cubic tables
cubic tables
create a completely harmonious environment with its straight lines.



We jumped back to the city, but keeping the harmony of the Nantes sofas, this time on a terrace. This is the perfect place to read a good book or enjoy a drink with friends.

chill out terrace2

We left the crown jewel behind, but continued outside, this time a courtyard. On this occasion we were in charge of renewing the furniture so that our client could enjoy it again.
We think it goes without saying that the atmosphere is unbeatable.


And finally, we move to this wonderful Balinese bed, it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a summer afternoon, isn’t it?

felipe balinese bed2

What do you think? Would you like to show us your garden or terrace? from Fiaka we expect