New chill out furniture

In we have a premiere. We have a new catalog, with special emphasis on the lines of chill out furniture, designed to furnish leisure and public places and to support a comfortable and modern decoration. We want to present their main novelties, but if you have a cafeteria, restaurant, terrace or establishment in which you can renew the furniture for 2012, and below we leave you a link to download the entire catalog.

New chill out furniture

fiaka divans for sale online

Little introduction is needed for the Sigmund Divan, when the name says it all. Elegant, comfortable and distinguished, it is perfectly combined with
square poufs
or with Balinese beds. Customizable and in various colors.

trunks pouf chest Fiaka

chest pouf
is already a big hit, so we’ve opened up the possibilities to other sizes(its large version is the one that appears in the bedrooms of Big Brother 12+1). This type of poufs, particularly comfortable, allows to make economy of space, whether to decorate a children’s room or a small room.

Fiaka bar stools

The Disco stools have a more rigid and resistant design line, designed for spacious nightclubs and with an original footrest. As we manufacture them, we could alter their design to further adapt to the decoration of premises.

BKF chair for decoration of premises

The legendary Butterfly BKF chair was already one of the stars of, but this time we have created a line in natural leather to recreate the originals. As we said recently, the use of these chairs says a lot about an interior designer. The ones made with synthetic materials are cheaper, but the leather ones are a jewel.

Quatro coffee table with pouffes by FIaka

And one of the main novelties of the new catalog is the Quatro table, with four square poufs in different colors or customizable that are perfectly grouped into a whole. Designed to occupy little space in small venues, they allow to multiply the seats of a capacity with furniture that is easy to move around the space to create different sensations. Order is fundamental.