Natural Imperfections: Raw Style

The Spanish translation of the word “Raw” would be something like “bruto”, “rudo”, “primitive”… This movement started with the “Raw food” that promotes the consumption of raw food. Not much later the “Raw Wood” (natural wood) appears and is triumphing in the world of decoration.

chester table
Photo via Pinterest

Designers advocate the beauty of wood‘s imperfections, the preservation of its rough texture and uneven shapes, as a way of transmitting beauty through natural materials. Transmitting sensations of tranquility and warmth.

beetlesbugsandbutterflies table
Photography via beetles, bugs and butterflies

The wood in these cases is treated with natural oils and protectors that keep it in excellent condition over time.

Photo via fluidLondon

Raw style wooden furniture can be combined in various ways, but one that is standing out is the mixture of minimalist furniture of straight lines with wooden elements, giving a special prominence to these pieces.

coffee table parnassiusdecoration
Photo via parnassuis decoración

What Raw pieces can you incorporate at home? Tables, chairs, headboards, pictures, boxes… any piece you can think of is welcome.

vintage bar set2
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As for the color, it can be given different shades, but the idea of this trend is to try to maintain as much as possible the natural tone of the wood itself.

Photo via retail desing blog