Nativo Hotel Ibiza

The first barefoot hotel in Ibiza.


Hotel Nativo Ibiza

Nativo Hotel Ibiza

Did you know about this new trend? Barefoot, which means barefoot, is a practice where you do the things of everyday life totally barefoot as it brings numerous health benefits, such as helping to improve our balance.

This trend is widely practiced in Australia and New Zealand and is currently spreading around the world, even reaching hotels such as Nativo Ibiza.



Nativo Hotel IbizaLounger Lake, Fiaka

The Nativo Hotel Ibiza opened its doors in 2021. This hotel aims to find a native balance between people, nature and space. It has many garden areas and large terraces with swimming pool where you can relax. In addition, there are sandy areas so you can enjoy walking barefoot. The latter being one of its main attractions.

Services provided by Nativo Hotel Ibiza.

Among the services provided by Nativo we can find a varied gastronomic menu where they have chosen to offer products from local farms, organic food and seasonal products. In doing so, they want to respect the vast Ibizan ecosystem, which they call home.

Breakfast is buffet style and is inspired by the offerings of a local food market, with fresh products. In its Nativo restaurant, you can find all kinds of healthy dishes prepared with ingredients from the island, so you can enjoy them both in the outdoor areas and in its indoor lounge.


Nativo Hotel IbizaCustom bench, Fiaka


For sports lovers, even on vacation, Nativo has a fitness and weight training area with plenty of natural light coming in through its large windows. The facilities are located inside the hotel and are free of charge for all guests.


Nativo Hotel Ibiza

Terrace Nativo Hotel Ibiza

On the rooftop of Nativo you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views, being the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and take a dip in the “only adults” pool. This
also has a bar with a wide range of drinks.


Nativo Hotel IbizaHavana Chair and Hanging Armchair, Fiaka


Nativo Hotel Ibiza furniture

Nativo has focused on the use of natural light as the protagonist for its spaces, a clear nod to the bohemian spirit and simplicity of Mediterranean life. As for the materials used, natural materials predominate, such as rattan, rope and, especially, wood.

This wonderful and innovative hotel has chosen us to manufacture all the upholstered furniture that you will see in the common areas, as well as in the outdoor and pool areas.

For the Balinese beds and the benches in the restaurant, they have chosen fabrics that simulate linen, in different shades, all maintaining the harmony of colors of the five elements (water, earth, fire, metal, wood), thus giving the natural effect that predominates in Nativo. Undoubtedly the Tumbona Lago has been one of the main protagonists of the hotel.


Nativo Hotel Ibiza Balinese Rectangular Bed, Fiaka

At Hotel Nativo Ibiza you can enjoy all this and much more. If you happen to stop by, don’t hesitate to tag us in the photos, we’ll be happy to see them.

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