Most read in 2013: top chill out

We end today a 2013 that has been fabulous for our blog. We have reached almost 100,000 visits and 80,000 unique visitors, breaking all the forecasts we had, and we have to thank those of you who visit us often and those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and, since recently, Youtube. We invite you to review this year of goods through the ten most read posts (in each title is the link). We can tell you that recycling in decoration is what has been of most interest, at least from our vantage point.

10. Decoration with beds

In the decoration of chill out terraces or other outdoor spaces or events, the bed is an element that can make a big difference. The Balinese bed is just one example, there are many other options.

hotel decoration with Balinese beds
Via Loopgum

9. Recycled candle holders

We compiled a few ideas to give a special touch to candles. Now that the cost of electricity is on everyone’s lips, maybe we should think more about these wax friends (;)). All DIY and recycling, with a spectacular result.

Chill out recycled candleholders
Recycled candleholders

8. Decoration trends for 2013

We start the year with a review of the most important tips to keep in mind to be trendy in chill out decoration, and some will remain in force in 2014, such as recycling and minimalism (although more relative).

Most read in 2013: top chill out
Via La Lole blog

7. The filling for poufs

We suppose that because of its practicality, the post about the poufs stuffing and how to clean them has also been one of the most read in 2013. If you have furniture of this type (rigid or shaped), these tips will come in handy. And since recently, you can also see it on our Youtube channel.

6. Decoration of chill out terraces

Most of our clients are restaurants and hotels with outdoor terraces that they want to convert into first class chill out terraces or that want to renew their furniture to give it a new look. In this post we showed you some examples, such as the wonderful Oniris.

Most read in 2013: top chill out
Oniris (Ciutadella), chill out terrace with furniture by Fiaka Ambient.

5. Furniture recycling

A piece of furniture can have several lives. We can recycle furniture in a thousand different ways, and what was never a piece of furniture can become one after a transformation. Here are just a few ideas. We marveled at the possibility of converting a washing machine drum into a small stool.

round poufs

4. How to make a pallet sofa

It has been the big year for the pallet sofa. In addition to this post, we have dedicated a video to the subject, and we have even left a section on our website with the prices of the mats designed for this constructive idea. It is undoubtedly one of the outdoor protagonists of 2013 and we expect it to be so in 2014 as well.

3. Custom-made mattresses

We also dedicated an article to the possibilities that gives us the power to make cushions and mats to the consumer’s taste, and it has slipped into the top 3 most read posts of the year. We explained the different types of material (high-end leatherette, nautical or flame retardant, nylon…) and gave you a few tips to start getting things clear.

Terrace via Facilisimo
Terrace via Facilisimo

Recycling the garden

To give another air to our garden we can recycle bottles, pallets and even tires or plastic boxes (for transporting goods). The secret is to do it with taste, without pomposity and naturally. As for example with the pallet used as a support for flower pots. Perfect!

Decoration of terraces and gardens with pallets
Life on the balcony

1. Lamps with DIY materials

And the most read post of the year, curiously, has been the one in which we compiled suggestions for making our own ceiling, floor or wall lamps, using objects that were never born to be lamps. This post has been so successful that we have even caught it copied and pasted from other blogs (ahem, ahem).

Recycling lamp

Other recommendations

Besides this top ten, we recommend you to read the interviews to decorators and interior designers that we published under the heading ‘Decorando internet’, with Amelia Cazorla, Yolanda Blanco, Raquel Veira, María Rodríguez, Kat Ibáñez, Carolina Sánchez and Kati Sardiña. And also the post about the Bellagio’s custom luxury furniture, which we loved working on. We now begin a year 2014 in which we will continue to share our projects, clients, tastes, suggestions and sensations. A toast to all!