Minimalist Style

Less is more” this is the motto advocated by architect Miles Van Der Rohe, who directed the Bauhaus between 1930-1933. The smallest possible amount of
is a strict rule, and forget about filling shelves and other surfaces with useless objects.

The elegance of this decorative style is based precisely on showing the spaces almost naked, with little furniture, few colors … The bet is for a simple decoration where the furniture is light, practical and with straight lines. Large, bright and high spaces are excellent for implementing the minimalist style, offering a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and peace.

Photo via Suvinluruguay

As for colors, neutral tones are essential, playing with all the elements of the space to achieve a monochrome.

The furniture in the minimalist style style opts for geometric shapes, straight lines and noble materials. Furniture with low height and greater width are present.

Photo via bricodecoracion

The textiles that we incorporate in the space, also have to follow the guidelines of this style, so curtains and carpets have to be sober and with neutral tones, going in harmony with the rest of the space. Even trying to combine them with the sofa.


For the terrace or garden the
Chill Out furniture
is the most suitable to complete the decoration with minimalist style also outdoors.


The ornaments can also be integrated into this type of decoration, what we have to try is that the colors combine with the rest of the elements but that they stand out in a unique way without breaking with the monochrome of the space.