Maternal environments…

The different uses that a pouf can have, especially when the variety is wide, go far beyond chill out decoration. Today we take the example of giant poufs, which are often requested for centers that, for other reasons, must be 100% comfortable.

maternal environment with giant puff
Kangura workshop room

We have the recent case of Kangura Portabebés, who have installed in their workshop room a series of giant Marina poufs to accommodate students and teachers. The choice of this type of furniture is quite particular. While other types of sofas or armchairs (such as the Comfort or Rainbow) would also have been useful, this type of poufs provide more comfort and relaxation, a point of relaxation so that for workshops as delicate as those related to motherhood, they make you feel at home.

Kangura workshop room giant poufs

Giant Pouffes Kangura Children's Pouffes

Kangura is a company specialized in different types of baby carriers: Sling, Bandolier, Backpack, Asian and African models. These products are ideal, not only for their practicality in everyday life, but also to strengthen the bond between parents and baby. In addition, Kangura organizes workshops of many types to learn how to take advantage of them. Highly recommended, dads!

We have similar examples of other centers that have trusted Fiaka to give a touch of chill out decoration to their children’s or family centers:

Casa dels Xuklis children's decoration
La Casa dels Xuklis
Giant FIaka poufs at Centro Entre Mamás
Entre Mamás Center
Entremamás Center
Entremamás Center (Madrid)