Matadero: Madrid kills me!

Do you live in Madrid? Will you be passing through the capital in the coming months? We have received news of the public presentation of El Ranchito, the art and experimentation laboratory of the contemporary creation center Matadero Madrid, from December 15 to April 29.

It is a very lively space. Immense, diaphanous, industrial, El Ranchito is a collective (we would almost say multitudinous) and transdisciplinary project, in which artists, creators, thinkers, communicators, professors cross paths on work tables, exhibitions, public works, conferences, workshops… Something difficult to imagine. By the way, we were delighted to see poufs from at El Ranchito (thanks for the photos!), specifically round soft poufs and one of our giant Marina poufs.

Round poufs by

Giant poufs by

In the public presentation of this project, as explained in Matadero Madrid’s blog, 34 national and international artists and collectives will participate in a kind of live museum, where you will see finished works, artists at work, documentation… And, by the way, a great variety of functional furniture, others for use and enjoyment, comfortable furniture, integrated in the context of a ship as if they were part of the work, of the design. A must-see!

If you can’t come, we recommend you to take a look at their blog, where you will currently find a research on the recent transformation of housing in Madrid, children’s interventions, an interesting workshop on guerrilla urbanism… And if you sit on one of the round poufs or on the giant poufs, remember us!