Make the most of the terrace of your premises in autumn

With the coronavirus pandemic, terraces have become essential for any restaurant. While it is true that customers can nowadays be indoors as long as safety measures are complied with, health authorities recommend staying outdoors whenever possible. For this reason, many restaurants, bars and pubs will have to adapt them for the autumn if they wish to continue to receive customers. In today’s article we want to give you some tips to adapt your terrace to autumn. Take pen and paper and take note of these tips.

Measures to adapt the terrace of your premises to the autumn season


As a restaurateur, you may have noticed that the number of customers in your restaurant has decreased drastically compared to last summer. Everything seems to indicate that we are going to continue like this for some time and there will be no choice but to adapt to what is coming.

Adapting the terrace of your restaurant to the fall will not work miracles, but it can make your customers continue to visit your restaurant for the simple fact of being outdoors and feel safer than if they were eating inside.

Cold weather is just around the corner and you’ll have to deal with it to keep your customers comfortable outside.

How to adapt your terrace to autumn?


Here are some tricks that you can carry out to condition the outside area of your restaurant, bar or pub so that your customers can keep coming back:

Know your customers

It is essential to know what type of people come to your business. What is the age range of your customers? Do you attend as a couple, with your family or with groups of friends? Depending on the type of customer that comes to your restaurant you will have to prepare the terrace in one way or another, so the first thing would be to identify the “type of customer”.

Color umbrellas, awnings or close the terrace completely?

One of the best options for this fall is to close the terrace. When we talk about closing the terrace we refer to roofing it and placing windows that remain open most of the time so that air can circulate at all times.

This is a great option, but it is the one that is likely to cost the most. It is also the one that least complies with the concept of terrace, since this area of the premises would be completely closed and could not be dismantled again.

Some premises choose to install removable enclosures, which are very easy to remove and install depending on the outside temperature. This way you can protect your customers from the cold or rain in bad weather.

Within this group we can find the pergolas, very easy to move and that can transform your place into an ideal area for autumn or winter in a short time.

Choosing the type of soil

Depending on how you choose to enclose your terrace you will need to lay a type of flooring that allows your customers to move comfortably and safely around the restaurant even on rainy days.

Also keep in mind that this type of flooring should be easy to clean at all times. Don’t make your employees spend too much time on maintenance.

Using the right furniture

Regardless of whether you decide to opt for a removable awning system or to close the terrace completely, you will need to get
furniture for restaurants
that meet a series of characteristics that allow them to be resistant to different weather conditions.

For this, it is essential to have outdoor furniture. Furniture that, in addition to being resistant, will dress up your terrace in autumn. Furniture with which you get to reflect a sense of well-being and warmth in which your customers are as comfortable as possible.

Depending on the type of business and the type of customers, you will have to choose furniture with different characteristics.

If it is a drinking establishment, it can be a good option to opt for benches o
. Either option works especially well with a young audience.

Remember to maintain the safety distance between tables.

You may want to place as many tables as possible on your terrace to attract as many customers as possible, but we warn you that it can be counterproductive.

The sensitivity of customers in this pandemic period is very high, so many may choose not to enter a restaurant if they observe that safety measures regarding the distance between tables are not complied with.

Some restaurants have opted to place methacrylate panels separating the tables from the diners, a measure that reinforces the security image of the restaurant and may possibly attract a few more customers.

Lighting and decoration

You should not forget that the terrace of your local serves the same function as the dining room, so you should also pay attention to two essential aspects, such as lighting and decoration.

The terrace should be a pleasant space where the client feels as comfortable as possible. The lighting and the way the place is decorated play a fundamental role in this aspect, since they are in charge of creating warm and intimate atmospheres and spaces.

You need to know how to communicate what your business is like to your customers, and this can be achieved through decoration. So take note and don’t leave them aside.

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of your terrace in autumn, We can help you!