Light furniture for terraces

The lighting has great weight in the decoration of terraces of local and hotel chill out & lounge style, since its night atmosphere will depend largely on the situation of the points of light, intensity, color, etc..

Adequate lighting contributes to multiply the comfort of exteriors, making them more or less intimate, cheerful or festive. Hence the importance of taking care of this aspect, capable of transmitting multiple sensations. The goal is simple: to make the space as welcoming as possible, but also to ensure that its approach matches the message it conveys. An extreme example will suffice to illustrate the latter: if we intend, for example, to create an atmosphere conducive to conversations in the company of drinks and good background music, strong and flashing lights, more typical of a nightclub, would clash.

Once the use of the terrace has been clarified, it is necessary to choose a style for its design so that the lighting is also in accordance with this aesthetic. The chill out & lounge exteriors, on which we focus this post, use soft and soft lights that invite to relax creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. With this in mind, candles – or, in their absence, points of light that mimic their effect – are often recurrent in chill out lighting.
chill out lighting
. Not only for the purity and spirituality associated with fire, but also for the possibility of combining aromas and colors, so that the tranquility and comfort of the space is enhanced through the five senses.

In addition to candles, as we have already mentioned on occasion, chill out terraces usually use lamps that allow to graduate the intensity of light and diffuse it, ambient LED lights, lanterns and lanterns. It is also a trend to use backlit
backlit furniture and light fixtures in the decoration of terraces
in the decoration of terraces, gardens and pools of this aesthetic to enhance its charm and elegance. That is why we have decided to include among the novelties of our website, pieces and complements of luminous design. We show you some of them:

Spheres of light

The spheres of light, fashionable in the decoration of swimming pools, allow to focus certain points of the exteriors. They offer, for example, an intimate and reserved lighting next to the tables and highlight the decoration of certain areas in an elegant way, without stridency. In Fiaka Ambient we have models of 40 and 60 centimeters in diameter.

light spheres for swimming pool decoration
Light spheres of 60 by Fiaka Ambient.
Light sphere for chill out terraces
Light sphere of 40 by Fiaka Ambient.
illuminated spheres for swimming pools
Light spheres by Fiaka Ambient.

Light planters

Plants are often one of the great attractions of the outdoors, filling them with cheerful colors and soft aromas to underline their beauty and charm. The illuminated planters become, for the same reason, an original way to highlight the plants and flowers of terraces and gardens. In Fiaka we have two designs:
tall light planters
and the
low planters of light
of rectangular shape.

illuminated planter for terraces
Low light planter by Fiaka Ambient.
illuminated planter for terraces
High light planter by Fiaka Ambient.

Illuminated bar counters

The terrace bar, as well as the stage, must somehow star in the decoration with an attractive design that is visible. Hence, in both cases, the play of light is essential to prevent them from going unnoticed. Not surprisingly, these are the areas of ‘transit’ and interaction par excellence of a local -at the tables, contact is usually more limited to the circle of friends. To emphasize the situation, as well as the beauty of the ‘counter’ of the premises, we have original models of backlit bars with curved or straight lines, so that they adapt to the design of the exterior in question. Both can be combined to create customized furniture for the chill out terrace.

light furniture for chill out terraces
Fiaka Ambient curved light bar.
light bar for terraces
Fiaka Ambient straight illuminated bar.

Light lamp

Like the spheres, the light bulbs
light fixtures
allow to focus on certain points of the terrace in a subtle way. They are also frequently used in lounge bar interiors, next to sofas and armchairs to highlight their intimacy.

backlit lamp for terraces
Fiaka Ambient high bay light.