Large and original poufs: another pouf is possible

As a brand of chill out furniture, one of our specialties could not be other than poufs. Those soft, shape-shifting, low-profile pieces of furniture that serve as a stress reliever. One of their main virtues is that poufs adapt to us more than any other piece of furniture, and they never look the same. And there are brands manufacturing poufs everywhere -you can research- but something that is fundamental and that we have as a priority are the materials -one fabric is not the same as another, one filling is not the same as another-. The generic pouf is rounded and abundant, like the classic pear pouf, but imagination and design give rise to other possibilities. We are going to talk about some examples that we have available on the web, but any idea is possible.

Fiaka XL: large poufs, walking or not walking

The Fiaka XL is a traditional pouf, so to speak, taken to its maximum expression. If we have a large room or we want to offer extreme comfort to those who are going to enjoy it, it is ideal. We are talking about a pear-shaped pouf that can seat two people without any problem. It is 90 centimeters wide by 135 centimeters high, one of the most abundant large poufs that can be found, a real royal throne. Truly irresistible, we can attest.

Large poufs, Fiaka XL
Fiaka XL, the king of large poufs.

Marina infant

Don’t let the name fool you. It is designed for children, but it is also one of the greats. Designed as a children’s bed, the Marina Infant is 140 centimeters wide and looks like a huge cushion. It has a low height, perfect for lying and playing on it, creating a curious stacked effect. In leatherette or nylon, it is designed to rub against the ground without damaging it – if we want it for outdoors, we have to talk about nautical fabric or Silvertex-.

Marina pouf, outdoor pouf
Where there’s room for two Marine poufs, there’s room for three.

Puf Vela: the secret of the pyramid

The triangular Vela pouf is a real eye-catcher with its pyramidal shape. It has a one-meter wingspan and its top vertex can give a modern and stylish touch to any room or as chill out hospitality furniture. In spite of its tips, it is just as comfortable as the previous ones, since the expanded polystyrene filling makes it adapt to whoever sits down (see how important materials are?). Very important to take into account if we want the pouf to be a decorative element as well.

Triangular pyramidal pouf
Full sail ahead!

Non-rolling triangular cushions

Speaking of triangular shapes, we’ve been loving the combination of triangular cushions and round Balinese beds for a few months now. It’s fantastic! You already know that in modern aesthetics, triangles, inverted or not, are fashionable as a futuristic or even exotic touch. They look great.

Balinese Bed, triangular cushions
Round and triangular at the same time, a perfect combination.

Mini shutdowns

Back to the children. The Mini Paros is a pouf with a backrest, which offers the little one of the house the possibility to read or play comfortably from his pouf. In addition, it is a pouf with a shape that is very funny and that even manages to become a toy itself, without losing style for an original decoration. If we also play with colors -we are always drawn to white, but there are 16 different colors-, we can create a very special atmosphere for children’s poufs.

Poufs for children
A pouf with backrest, ideal for children.

Pouffes or loungers?

Both! In Fiaka we have designed a series of poufs that work as loungers, which fit perfectly with any chill out terrace or outdoor lounge decoration . We are talking about the Duna or Cala loungers, although we are going to refer specifically to the Bahia loungers, which are the ones in the image and the largest, with 180 centimeters deep. Imagine what a sunset on the coast looks like from this furniture.

Sun loungers, chill out furniture
A dreamy image at the height of a Bahia lounger.