Komodo Menorca: pure lounge

We want to present an example of chill out decoration for entertainment venues and restaurants, with which we have also worked from Fiaka Ambient. In this case we can find some of the trends in decoration and furniture of the moment, applied to the chill out environment in particular: Komodo Menorca.

In the decoration of this place they have understood relaxation and ‘komodidad’ from an integral point of view. In addition to being divided into several spaces (in which rooms can be reserved for private parties or meetings, which is appreciated), they adjust the lighting to what is necessary, especially at night. To do this, in addition to using the always useful candles, Komodo Menorca has illuminated elements, such as panels or sculptures.

decoration of chill out premises

decoration lounge menorca Komodo terrace

Of the various possible aspects of the chill out or lounge decoration, they have opted for an oriental decoration, with exotic plants and flowers and a low distribution of furniture. They mix colors such as blue, indigo and violet with pale yellows, beige and light browns. This is where our one-piece sofas and low tables come in. All, as the canons dictate, soft, orderly and linear, and also customized furniture. We were struck by the idea of separating the different spaces with these illuminated panels and thick bamboo canes.

Komodo Menorca lounge decoration


customized sofas

The only thing left to do is to go and try those Gin Tonic that they advertise on their menu…. Who would be in Menorca right now!