Keys to choosing quality furniture

To get to the keys that we consider to be taken into account to choose a furniture that is of good quality, we want to start from the basis of the foundation of the business idea. Knowing the origin of your furniture supplier and its philosophy in the market can help you to strengthen long-term ties.

The origin of the furniture factory

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Creating a company is not the most difficult part, the most complicated part is knowing how to manage it. If you are an entrepreneur, you will know that the core of everything is the main idea around which the whole process revolves. No matter the format of your business, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or sole proprietor, the steps to follow are often similar:

  • The basis is an idea, a purpose that moves you to start a business
  • Be clear about the objectives you intend to achieve
  • During the process take care of your customer
  • To have a team that is… a real “TEAM”: coordinated, hard-working and that takes the company’s objectives as its own challenges.
  • And finally, the most important: the illusion to do things well and with quality.

Fiaka is a business that started 14 years ago as a pouffe factory to evolve and become a reference in the contract furniture manufacturing market. Since its origin, we have always kept in mind these 5 rules, so easy at first sight and at the same time so difficult to achieve. The main purpose has arisen from the idea of creating personal bonds with our clients, offering preferential treatment to each one of them.

Terrace garden hotel

Thanks to our team, it is possible to manufacture durable furniture, backed by quality and environmental certificates.

What Fiaka offers

We know that each person and each business is special and we want to make the tastes and preferences of each one of them come true. For all these reasons, we offer:

  1. First and foremost, a personalized service.
  2. A wide range of outdoor and indoor furniture in a variety of colors, shapes and fabrics.
  3. Custom-made furniture. The idea of being a manufacturer was born from the flexibility advantage of being a manufacturer. This advantage is enjoyed by both the company and the customer. It gives us the freedom to make our ideas come true, creative ideas that only depend on us: imagine, try, until we get the final decorative piece, fruit of creativity and customer demand. As far as the customer is concerned, we make the furniture according to the measurements that we have available.Quality furnishings - Puff Fiaka hotel
  4. Urgent shipments. Our customers rely on us, whether you need furniture for restaurants, are doing a project for a hotel or simply decorating your home and have a specific date to have everything ready, we get the order to them when they need it.

Quality furniture

When do we consider it to be quality furniture? After our experience in the market, we want to give you some simple keys so that you can enjoy a purchase that is not only aesthetically attractive, but also durable. Note the following aspects:

The choice of materials

A fabric that adapts to the display conditions of your furniture. A professional will ask you if your sofa, chairs or mats will be indoors or outdoors. The upholstery material depends on them, with indoor leatherette being used for less aggressive conditions and nautical leatherette varieties for outdoor furniture or public use.Quality Furniture - Outdoor Furniture

Personalized advice

If possible, we will ask you for a floor plan or exact measurements. Even if you plan to buy a standard size piece, a professional will ask you about the measurements in order to adjust the furniture as best as possible to your available space and to offer you the best possible solution. He may even come up with ideas that you hadn’t even considered!

First class finishes

The finish of the furniture. Reinforced seams, the most suitable customization technique for your type of product or special painting for exteriors… All of this will make the difference between quality furniture and non-quality furniture.

Quality Furniture - Bench Menorca and Menorca Plus

Domestic production

Although it may sound strange, it is not surprising that export furniture is often more damaged than furniture made in Spain. The main difference lies in the choice of raw materials, such as the quality of foam rubber used for the upholstery or the type of wood for the furniture structure. In this case, the fact that the customer is kept informed at all times of production by offering nationwide sourcing is an advantage.

Why do they trust us?

Because in our process of manufacturing and design of decorative items and furniture, we have:

  • Quality certifications, an Integrated Management System, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which helps us to evolve in a permanent way and in constant improvement following the manufacturing bases respecting the environment. These processes allow us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Quality Furniture - Pallet sun loungers

  • Have a good team. Coordination between departments is key to a business. It leaves a trace so that the quality of the work can be appreciated. At Fiaka we learn from everyone and this makes us unique in the way we work.

Fiaka Sofas

  • After-sales service. Both during the purchasing and manufacturing process, as well as afterwards, we are here for whatever you need. With a simple call, email or whatsapp you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

You already know all the points to take into account to buy a quality furniture that you can enjoy either in your living room, your terrace, or your business. In the case of opting for Fiaka, let there be no doubt that your furniture is unique and carries a part of all of us.