Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture

If you have a business such as a cafeteria, bar or restaurant and you are planning a renovation or a change of image, you should know how to buy the right furniture. This time we would like to introduce you to key aspects to take into account when buying hospitality furniture.

Although at first glance the process seems quite easy, we recommend that you follow some simple guidelines that will help you avoid making mistakes.

Theme and style

Whether you are opening a new business or renovating an existing one, you need to be prepared in advance. Before starting the whole process you should consider what you want to achieve with the interior of your premises. The right theme and style can help you achieve your goals.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Lounge Bar Macaronesia

Relaxed or musical atmosphere, Nordic or tropical style, think about what you want to offer to your customers. Prepare a draft beforehand with sketches of everything: lighting, furniture, accessories and complements. Each style features different furniture: sofas, benches, armchairs or stools.

Think that fashions are fleeting, decorate your hospitality business giving it a unique personality. If you want to expand on the topic you can consult information on hospitality styles in our previous post.

Type of business

When it comes to buying hospitality furniture, you have a variety of options to choose from. From designer sofas to custom-made benches. The important thing is that you choose furniture of good quality and good resistance.

This is usually a space where diners spend quite a long time, so think about providing your customers with the maximum comfort possible.

Hospitality Furniture
Hospitality Furniture

It’s a slightly different case if it’s a coffee shop or a bar. Here the key pieces of furniture would be tables and chairs.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Catering Chairs – Dining Area

Available space

A very important factor before buying hospitality furniture is space.

The space of your premises plays one of the most important roles. All the furniture will depend on the square meters available for furnishing.

In this case you must also take into account the capacity of your restaurant, bar or cafeteria. If you have a large space do not rush to fill it with furniture. There must always be a minimum space to pass between tables.

Have you thought about whether you want individual tables with chairs or linear benches? The latter are perfect for making the most of every square meter without invading your space with unnecessary elements. Make no mistake, they are not only for franchises. There are benches of different types and models, you can even adapt them to the design of your business!

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Venecia bench for the hotel industry
Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
American Bench – Hospitality

The number of catering tables will depend on the type of public you serve in your establishment. If your cafeteria or restaurant is more family or your bar is characterized by gathering friends, it is best to place square tables.

Hospitality Tables
Square shaped tables for the hotel industry

Why square? Its stackable shape helps to join two or three tables at the same time in case of gathering a large group of people.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Square shaped tables for the hotel industry

As for round tables, they are ideal for creating a more uncluttered atmosphere. Due to their shape, they give a lighter and more elegant air to the decoration of the premises.

Hospitality Decoration - Round Tables
Hospitality Decoration – Round Tables

What advice do we give our customers to create a practical and harmonious environment?

It’s easy: insert tables of different heights. A tall catering table combined with stools can fit perfectly with dining tables. Ideally, choose them in the same style and material.

Custom-made furniture

Buying custom-made hospitality furniture is always a wise choice. As we have already mentioned, the best way to take advantage of the space is to adapt the furniture to your needs. Both linear benches and modular sofas can be perfect options for this.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Sofa Capitoné Custom Made

Color and materials

Once the previous points have been defined, you must choose the color palette you are going to work with. There is no one good option, there are many valid combinations according to each type of decoration. But do go for a range of colors that go in the same line. The different textures also help in this case.

For example, you can combine plain colors with prints in a Nordic space or introduce velvet decorative elements (so fashionable nowadays) to give it a luxurious chic touch.

Indoor or outdoor?

A prerequisite when choosing suitable furniture is to know the difference between indoor and outdoor furniture. Although at first glance they look the same, the wrong choice of furniture in the hospitality industry can play a dirty trick. We don’t want you to spend money in vain. Therefore, we explain their key differences.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Outdoor Furniture for the Hospitality Industry

If your restaurant or bar has a terrace or a Chill Out space, its furniture will suffer more wear and tear and may be exposed to humidity. To prevent this, the upholstery of the armchairs and sofas must be fireproof, waterproof and have antibacterial protection. Nautical polyskins for Contract furniture or Silvertex are good examples.

In the case of chairs, rattan chairs are very common, since it is a material that withstands the different weather conditions.

Keys to buying hotel and restaurant furniture
Riviera armchair

Finally, don’t forget that there is furniture adapted to different tastes and colors. To make the right choice, look for a reliable supplier who can adjust your budget and replenish your furniture in case of any incident or business expansion.