Interior decoration trends 2021

Trends in interior design change from year to year. While it is true that some are maintained, others end up slowly disappearing until they cease to exist. With 2021 just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about adding a different touch to your home. For this reason, in today’s article we want to show you a series of trends that have been very strong in 2020 and that everything indicates that they will continue to be very present in 2021. Do you want to know what will be some of the decoration trends for 2021 that are going to stand out the most? Ponte comfortableWe show them to you!

Decoration trends for 2021

Decorating in beige


Decorating your home with neutral colors like beige is not an interior decorating trend that is going to kick off in 2021. In fact, decorating spaces with neutral colors such as white comes from the Scandinavian style. A very particular style in which light tones predominate and in which a special taste for minimalism stands out.

Beige is the direct rival of white, although it must be said that beige beige beats it in terms of naturalness and warmth. And it is that the 2020 is being a particularly good year for beige, a very natural color that combines especially well both in spaces decorated with neutral colors and with darker shades.

It is a very elegant and natural neutral color that fits perfectly in any environment where you want to add a touch of harmony and warmth. Its different shades make it combine and adapt perfectly to any shade, which makes it a very versatile color.

Blue walls


Who doesn’t like the color blue? Almost all of us love this color because of the tranquility and elegance it conveys. By 2021, the
navy blue color
is going to become one of the most used colors in interior decoration.
Mainly because
chooses each year the best color of the year, and the one chosen for this 2020 is Pantone

Blue 19-4052
. A timeless and elegant blue color inspired by a landscape with the evening sky.


Decorate some of your walls with this dark blue color, mixed with beige furniture, a sofa
like our

vintage 2 seater sofa

in bold colors like burgundy, yellow or terracotta will generate a spectacular color contrast in your home, which will make your home a much more pleasant and cozy space.

Black kitchens


The color black is in fashion, and one of the main reasons could be the fact that it is an underused color for decorating kitchens. The truth is that many kitchens we have seen in black look very elegant.

The main negative point of this color is that it detracts light not only from your kitchen, but from any room you decorate with this color. If the loss of light is the main problem that prevents you from decorating with black, you need to know that this color is best suited to large spaces, since absorbs a smaller amount of light compared to smaller spaces.

Taste for industrial


Coming from the American industrial warehouses of the 50’s, the industrial decoration style has been hitting hard and is gradually settling into the Spanish culture. A very modern and daring style characterized by the use of open spaces, decorated with exposed brick. and furnished with wooden furniture y iron, usually black.

Whether in

coffee tables




dining tables

this type of furniture should be made of wood, yes or yes. It is an essential element to achieve an ideal industrial decoration.

This furniture is also characterized by a high resistance to intensive use, so it is ideal if you are looking for quality furniture that does not spoil easily with the passage of time.

In fact, the

industrial furniture

is increasingly in demand by the hospitality industry. A sector that needs a special type of furniture for the hospitality industry, designed and manufactured to withstand intensive daily use.

Baskets of natural fibers and plants


Baskets made of natural fibers such as rattan rattanwicker or jute are one of the accessories that you will end up introducing in your home sooner rather than later. They are objects that never go out of style and give your home a rustic and relaxing look.

You can use them as pots for your plants, as storage objects or even as mere decorative elements.

Any form is valid.

Terraces take center stage even in winter


Due to the health crisis in which we are involved because of Covid-19 and the general confinement of last March, in which we have not been able to leave the house, “furnishing” the terrace or balcony has become a priority for many.

Since we don’t know what the next few months will bring, and with the perimeter confinement we are currently in, many people are opting to purchase

garden furniture

in case they have to spend a few months at home. One of the main problems of these months is the cold.

From sofas that fit perfectly in any space to chairs or tables to eat on the terrace with your family.