Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace

With the good weather, vacations, longer days… any meeting takes place outdoors, as mostcustomers prefer to visit places with terraces to enjoy good times with family and friends.

According to El Tenedor, reservations on the terraces of restaurants located in Malaga have increased by more than 80% and in the Balearic Islands, they have quadrupled. However, this growth is not isolated to the coastal areas, as in Madrid the increase is 30% and in Seville the increase is 50%.

It is very important to take advantage of the season to get the most out of the business. You may be wondering what is the best way to make my terrace profitable this summer? Don’t worry, here are some tips for you to succeed this season.

Most restaurants agree that it is essential to invest in decorating the terrace and make it welcoming, since it is the business’s calling card and what will attract the attention of passers-by in the first instance. The right catering furniture can make all the difference.

Tips for decorating your restaurant, bar or café terrace

A pleasant entrance

It will be the first thing our customer sees, so if the entry catches his attention he will want to find out more. Otherwise, the customer will not enter the establishment.

Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace
Attract attention with an eye-catching and original decoration.

It is important to check frequently that this area is clean, tidy and free of elements that distort the image you want to project.

Numerous studies have shown that first impressions can create a photograph that strongly influences a hire.

The power of visuals in human-to-human interactions has been proven to be 3-5 times more effective than auditory interactions.

Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace
Delimit the space with subtlety

The terrace area can be delimited to differentiate it, with fences, hedges, windbreaks… in such a way that we delimit the space in a creative and elegant way that attracts the attention of customers, making them come back. It should not be forgotten to maintain the aesthetics of the corporate image, which will help to generate recall and differentiation with respect to the competition.

A comfortable and cozy area

It is essential that our customers can find chairs and tables for everyone, organize the terrace with a variety of types of seating, both for couples and groups, thinking that they adapt so that customers can have a conversation without problems.

A welcoming environment, with pleasant smells, without excessive noise, where the client can be distracted and enjoy fun and relaxing moments, will be influential factors for them to choose the establishment again on future occasions.

As not all terraces have enough space, it will be necessary to optimize the space so that it looks comfortable, but optimizing the space with the different types of sofas, armchairs, puffs … available, in Fiaka we help you choose those that best suit your premises.

Pay attention to sight, hearing and smell.

Studies show that music will influence the mood of our customers.

The style will depend on the focus of the business. In general, however, quieter music is preferred in the afternoon and livelier music in the evening. We must ensure that we do not exceed 60-75 dB so that customers can chat quietly.

Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace
Add aromatic plants to the tables

Scent marketing is ideal for getting the customer to return to our business.

A pleasant and enveloping odor must be achieved, especially if we are outdoors, where we can sometimes encounter unpleasant odors that must be remedied as soon as possible.

The trend in terms of materials and shades refers to the natural, so the green color is a trend in decoration this year.

Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace
Plants, wood and natural fibers are a sure winner

The decoration abounds in natural plants and materials such as wood, which together with the green create a cozy, fresh and natural atmosphere that our client will value very positively, although the use of this type of decoration requires additional care by the staff. The brand image to be conveyed must not be omitted, so each element of the decoration must transmit the identity.

The menu should be in line with the decoration, making a gastronomic offer that includes quality local products, highly appreciated by diners.

Ideas for renovating and decorating your business terrace
Taking care of lighting is essential

Lighting plays a very important role, since it allows the creation of atmospheres and the design of warm and intimate spaces. It can be placed between plants, fountains, delimiting spaces and even using candles or similar on the tables.

Communicating what our business is like is as important as getting the decor right. Sharing between 11 and 20 images of the establishment results in twice as many interactions as those without images, according to TripAdvisor.

The more images, the more our potential customers’ attention will be attracted.

Do you have more questions about decorating the terrace of your bar, café or restaurant? We help you!