Ideas for 2012: lighting and plants

The decoration of premises and their furnishings is an issue that resurfaces every January in view of the new year. It is worthwhile to review how the furniture in our cafeteria, restaurant or store is in order to think about a change of image to relaunch the business. Some of them may have aged too much, or they may not have been the most suitable from the beginning, or we may be able to renew their appearance.

If we have an outdoor terrace, there are several things to take into account. Yes, it seems early for the spring season, but it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. There are flame-retardant synthetic leathers prepared to withstand ultraviolet rays and not deteriorate so easily -ask us about them if you want more information-. Many businesses with outdoor environments are satisfied with these poufs or sofas or hammocks to last a season, but if we invest a little more and look for these materials can last several years like new. By the way: a detail we noticed at Spinosa Boards that we loved was the illuminated bar, which is fashionable in chill out places. A great detail if there are night hours, really cozy.

chill out terrace lighted bar Fiaka

Garden Lighting Fiaka furniture

We also have to take into account the number of pieces of furniture and their size. Neither leaving half the capacity standing nor blocking people’s way… If you have enough space, BKF chairs are a dazzling idea, but if not, small cubic or round poufs or the Quattro table may be better.

Lighting is very important. It has already been demonstrated that LED lights represent very considerable savings, and that we can find designer lamps at affordable prices. A good decoration poorly illuminated is an absolute waste. How about recycling materials or creating a strong contrast with vintage lamps?

For furniture, we already suggested a few days ago that you think about couches (we are determined to make them a trend in 2012!), and pouf chests if you need to gain storage space.

And if you go for straight lines (square or rectangular furniture, linear poufs, square low tables, etc.), we would give it an organic touch with plants. In this way we breathe life into the decoration of premises, and introduce one more decorative element, the flowerpots. Plants need a little care, but they are very grateful. A specific tip from Decoratrix: lavender never looks bad.

Garden Chill Out furniture

Lounge furniture plants

It is a trend that we see coming for 2012 (if you think differently, let us know): the hippie look is back, but forgetting psychedelia and the 60’s, going towards natural, organic colors (bright green, matte yellow, tomato red), modernizing it. And here a good set of plants is the icing on the cake.

But if there is something we recommend for this year, which combines naturalness, order, zen mood, chill out decoration and elegance, it is a bonsai (be careful, they are not so expensive, there are for all tastes, indoors and outdoors). They require even more care but will make an impressive difference. Let the bonsai experts advise you to decorate your home or place.

Fiaka decorative bonsai

Table with bonsai lounge decoration

Bonsais chill out decoration