How to choose the right sofa color for your restaurant

Knowing how to choose the right sofa color for your restaurant is important. You should make sure that both the style and color of the sofa fits the personality and style of your venue. The sofa areas in some venues are often the place that attracts the most attention for diners. It is the place to sit down to enjoy a good meal with the family or a Friday night get-together with friends. Here are some ways to choose the ideal sofa color for your venue. Take note!

How to choose the right sofa color for your restaurant?


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? The answer is very simple. The perfect sofa for your restaurant will be the one that best suits the style of your restaurant and your customers.

The process of choosing the right sofa color starts with you. Think about the personality and style you want to convey about your restaurant and transmit it to your customers.

If your typical customer is a young person, they may prefer a nice splash of color throughout your restaurant, with a sofa that pops with bright, bold prints. Other clients may prefer a much more minimalist space, with a monochromatic décor and a sofa perfectly integrated into it.

It is important to take into account the tastes of the type of customer that you want to come to your restaurant to create an environment where they feel at home.

Depending on the decorative theme of the restaurant

When choosing the color of the sofa, the most important aspect to consider is the decorative theme of your restaurant. What do you want to transmit with the decoration of your restaurant? What theme would you like to give it? If your venue has an eclectic decor with pops of color, the sofa you choose should also look bright and colorful. For example, a red or blue colored sofa would easily blend into a decor with neutral colored curtains or walls, generating a high contrast that will make your sofas stand out.

Think about how the sofas will be used in the restaurant.

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will serve as a waiting point for diners? Do you need sofas for a specific space, where customers can relax and enjoy a coffee with their family after lunch? How many people will use them regularly?

Knowing what the sofas will be used for can help you make a better color decision. The more use and traffic a sofa sees, the more wear potential it has.

Light colors, such as white, can offer a stunning look in some spaces, but may be more noticeable after a certain amount of time. The same sofa in a darker color could hide certain scuffs and marks of use that appear with the passage of time and the use given to it by customers.

Match the color of the sofas to the colors of your restaurant

When choosing the colors of the sofas, you can also combine it with the different decorative accessories you have in the restaurant. For those who like a symmetrical color pattern, matching the color of your sofa with the colors of accessories such as lamps, pictures or curtains will make the colors balance. If neutral colors predominate in your restaurant, add contrasting tones such as teal or maroon to create contrast.

Choose the right fabric colors

and fabrics with bold patterns can quickly turn a sofa into a conversation piece and the center of attention in the room.

If you have a restaurant where meals or business meetings are held, neutral colors may predominate. However, selecting bold cushion colors can help the space appear welcoming and cheerful, rather than a sterile, dull place.

Depending on the design and lighting of the room, colorful sofas or patterned upholstery fabrics can provide a perfect contrast to the neutral colors of the walls, floor or ceiling.

If you are not sure, opt for neutral tones.

Playing it safe with neutral colors is a rule that many restaurateurs like to follow when decorating their restaurant. For those who feel that a colorful sofa may be too bold, choosing a neutral colored sofa for your venue is the best thing to do. When in doubt, neutral colors you know always work.

Neutral colored sofas work best in all types of venues. Whether in warm, eclectic venues or in cooler, darker venues. Sofas in shades of gray, black, beige, beige, white, navy blue or brown work best if you’re not quite sure what color to choose.

You can always enhance the look and feel of the sofa by adding colorful or patterned fabrics, as well as cushions. This technique allows you to generate a bit of contrast in your sofas without having to risk choosing a bold color that doesn’t match your restaurant’s décor.