How to care for outdoor furniture

We love the
garden and terrace furniture
and terrace furniture, but once the summer is over, not all of us have a place to store it. For this reason, we offer you a few tips so that you can continue to enjoy your furniture perfectly.


your furniture next summer.


A trick to protect

wooden furniture

it is best to apply a
teak oil
It nourishes the wood, preventing it from cracking, and also waterproofs it and protects it from stains and ultraviolet rays.

Balinese bed

But even with this advantage, we must take special care with our furniture if we leave it outdoors, and probably the best way to safeguard it is through the use of nylon covers white nylon covers, as this not only protects the fabric from the rain, but also avoids possible discoloration problems.


Innovating in this sense, we began to work on our pieces with structures specially prepared to withstand the inclemency of the weather. By using materials suitable for total outdoor exposure, such as waterproof webbing, which does not absorb water, it dries much faster and therefore extends its useful life, in addition, a base of batyline which allows the interior to transpire, avoiding humidity problems.

If you follow these tips, your outdoor furniture will thank you for many, many years.