How to attract customers to your restaurant: the outside appearance

The terraces are an added value for all those restaurants that have one, and as every hotelier, you will need to make the most of the terrace of your business during the months of May to September. Although there is still time left, from
we want to leave you a series of tips to attract customers to your restaurant this season thanks to your terrace.

The terrace: the starting point for attracting customers to your restaurant

If you want to take advantage of the terrace of your restaurant, it is necessary to comply with certain factors such as: the arrangement of the furniture, the decoration and the atmosphere created on the outside of the premises. The goal should be that customers see your terrace as an attraction to visit your restaurant. Once the customer walks in the door, you need them to have a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable experience. This is the only way to gain his trust and hope that he will become a regular customer of your restaurant both in summer and winter.

How do I get the customer to feel attracted to my restaurant’s terrace? We show it to you.

Adapt it to the available space


We know that many restaurants do not have large spaces to place their terraces, but space is not a problem. The size of the terrace does not have to influence the consumer experience. Just try to adapt to the space you have and always think about the consumer experience. Do not try to take out as many tables as possible. Sometimes this is counterproductive and significantly affects customer comfort. No couple likes to eat in a place where the tables are set at
tables and chairs are too close to each other on the terrace.

Use quality furniture


attract-customers-to-your-restaurantBy quality furniture we mean furniture adapted to the size of your terrace as well as to the exterior of the premises. The best option in these cases is to have custom-made furniture, designed especially for your restaurant with the right materials to withstand different weather conditions. The materials with which they are made must be prepared so that they do not deteriorate in case of rain or humidity or lose color when exposed to the sun’s rays. The most suitable for these cases are outdoor wooden chairs, plastic chairs and wicker or bamboo chairs.

The menu at the door can be a hit


Placing the menu on a stand on the terrace is a claim to attract customers to your restaurant. There are customers who go directly into a restaurant and then judge the experience they have had there. Many others need to have prior information before trying the experience. Thinking about the latter can make them opt for your restaurant or your competitor’s restaurant.

Adequate protection


It is essential that you have areas of sun and shade. Depending on the months we are in, customers will have a preference for one or the other. For example, we all like to eat on a terrace in summer, but if we do not have umbrellas or awnings to protect us from the sun we will opt to go elsewhere or, in the best case scenario for the hotelier, eat inside the restaurant. In late April or May, however, we will need that sunshine to be comfortable outside.

Divide the space into comfortable zones


It is very important that you create free spaces through which both customers and restaurant staff can pass. Service is part of the customer experience and you must ensure that waiters can move between tables without disturbing customers.

Make your terrace as “instagrammable” as possible


In these times it is important that you jump on the social media bandwagon. Instagram or Facebook, among others, help to make your restaurant known to a large number of people. Uploading photos of your restaurant’s terrace or dishes will make a lot of people see them, share them with their friends and make them want to eat there. In the same way, many of your customers will want to take pictures there, which will make your restaurant’s terrace visible to all your followers.