Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones

Wooden or iron, classic or contemporary, simple or striking and casual….. Nowadays there are several alternatives among which to choose the chairs for our business and it is not easy to choose one model or another.

Although at first glance, choosing hospitality chairs seems simple, there are several considerations that we must take into account, and that are often overlooked as the use to be given, the design or size among others.

In today’s post, we wanted to show you the 7 most important factors that you should pay attention to in order to get it right. We hope you find them helpful!

For indoor or outdoor use?

The first thing to consider is the location of the chairs.

It is not the same to buy restaurant chairs for indoor and outdoor areas. Outdoor chairs are made with special materials that withstand the weather well and are resistant to the sun’s rays, humidity, dust, etc.

Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones
Hospitality Chairs Suitable for Outdoor Use

Placing an indoor chair on a terrace or in a garden will cause it to deteriorate in the blink of an eye.

2. For dining area or “lounge area”?

Another factor to take into account is the use to which the chair will be put. The physiognomy of a chair that will be used to sit and eat is not the same as that of a chair that will be used in a lounge and relaxed atmosphere.

The former must have certain characteristics so that the person sitting on it is upright, in a position that keeps the back aligned.

Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones
Hospitality Chairs – Ideal for Dining Areas

The second type of chair seeks the comfort of the person and normally the person’s back is reclined and relaxed.

Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones
BKF Hospitality Chairs – Ideal for Lounge Area

3. Always the best quality

Yes, design is very important when choosing chairs, but it must always go hand in hand with quality. It is useless to choose chairs that go very well with the aesthetics of our local, if soon the paint will peel off or the seat cracks.

Not having a big budget doesn’t have to limit the quality of the chairs, nor does it have to make us give up on design.

There are chairs within reach of all budgets, we just have to spend time looking for them.

4. Comfort, first and foremost

Another factor is customer comfort. We want customers to enjoy their meal as if they were at home, and even think how comfortable the chairs in their favorite restaurant are.

If we choose high quality and very decorative chairs, but they are very uncomfortable, we will not get customers to enjoy a good time at the table.

It would be a big mistake for customers to be thinking about finishing their lunch or dinner early and leaving because they are not comfortable at the table.

5. Watch out for the size

The size and morphology of the chairs is very important, as they must be in harmony with the table and the available space.

Before choosing the chairs, we must measure the space and make some simulations on paper or digitally to place them together with the rest of the catering furniture and determine the exact space available.

Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones
Stools are always a good space-saving option

Chairs with wide arms, in most cases, are a major drawback, especially if the arms do not fit through the hole in the table.

This makes it impossible for the customer to approach the table in case he/she wants to do so, limiting the option to change to a more comfortable eating position.

They can also be a problem when we have Christmas or company dinners in restaurants and we are looking to further optimize space.

6. In balance with the decorative style

Of course, the design of the chairs is a factor to take into account, as it must follow the decorative style of our business to create a balanced environment.

Opting for neutral designs is usually a sure hit, especially when we want to highlight other elements of the decoration or seek timelessness.

You can also dare to include chairs characteristic of different decorative styles, such as industrial chairs, Nordic style, vintage or you can even choose to mix several models and colors, creating a personal and eclectic atmosphere.

However, be careful with contrasts, as industrial or rustic tavern style chairs may not go well with a classic and elegant restaurant or one that specializes in weddings.

7. Seal of identity

Opting for customized chairs for the hospitality industry is undoubtedly the best way to enhance the branding of your business. You will get them to reflect a style with its own character, defined and, above all, unique and exclusive.

Giving a personal touch to restaurant chairs can be a great attraction for customers.

Hospitality Chairs: 7 Keys to choosing the right ones
Customized Chairs and Stools for the Hospitality Industry

There are several customization options: You can design custom chairs to fit a specific space, choose shapes, sizes, colors, prints, materials, fabrics, and even print the logo of your business or a commercial brand on them. The options are endless!

Finding just the right chairs for your hospitality business is the result of an arduous search, which requires research and takes time. It should not be done overnight. As experts in hospitality furniture, in Fiaka we always seek to advise and guide you in your projects, so we hope this article will help you. See you soon!