Headboards for hotel beds: Everything you need to know

We have previously talked in our blog about the keys that make a difference in the
the keys that make the difference in the decoration of hotel rooms.
. On this occasion, we want to show you the importance of headboards for hotel beds. This is undoubtedly an essential element that should not be missing in any hotel room. It is a crucial piece of furniture for any hotelier, as for some guests it can make the difference between a good or bad experience. Do you want to know what are the keys to choosing a bed headboard? We invite you to read on.

Key aspects for choosing headboards for your hotel beds



One of the aspects to take into account when choosing headboards for hotel room beds is to know the requirements they must have from a functional point of view.

The questions you should ask yourself may be the following:


How large does the headboard need to be to be functional and usable in different configurations? In some cases we will need to put the beds together to function as a double bed and, in others, we will need to use them separately. In these cases it is necessary to choose whether you prefer an individual headboard or a larger freestanding headboard that is functional both together and separately.

Lighting fixtures

Headboards with greater customization may or may not have a lighting system. If so, how will the switches and light be positioned to ensure that they work with both bed configurations?

Free standing or fixed headboard

Are the sides of the bed going to be an integral part of the headboard or are they going to be independent?

Once these questions are answered, designing the headboard for hotel beds will be much easier.

Working with your budget effectively


Regardless of the budget you wish to invest in the hotel room furniture
hotel room furniture
The headboard should always look as elegant as possible, as it will be a critical piece within the room that could change the experience of your hotel guests. Many of your guests unconsciously judge the entire bedroom based on the bedroom layout, the design or the materials the furniture is made of. Therefore, you must take into account every last detail to try to generate a very positive impact when your guests enter the room for the first time.

At Fiaka we know that every hotelier would like to have the best chairs for their hotel rooms.
armchairs for their hotel rooms
or with great bed headboards, that contain a great amount of details and that their upholstery is of excellent quality. However, the renovation budgets of some hotels may be restrictive in some cases. For this reason, it is essential that the company that manufactures custom furniture for hotels
custom hotel furniture company knows how to work with
knows how to work with budgets adjusted to the needs of each client and, even if the budget is very limited, knows easy ways to reduce costs without making their headboards look cheap or of poor quality.

What are these ways to lower the cost of a hotel bed headboard?

Smaller size

Lowering the headboard height can be a simple way to reduce costs immediately. As an alternative to downsizing is the reduction of upholstery costs. Does the headboard need to be fully upholstered or just the top?

Choice of fabric

Another option to help significantly reduce the price is to use fabrics or synthetic leathers that are more cost-effective, with less textured fabrics or less color mixing. For hotels on a larger budget, Fiaka recommends balancing costs by using simpler materials and combining them with more affordable details, such as trim or bolt-ons to maintain a luxurious aesthetic.

Finding the right fabric


Choosing the right fabric for headboard upholstery is one of the most important decisions in this process. We all want the fabric to look aesthetically excellent, but as a hotelier, there are many other aspects to consider. One of them is how the headboard fabric will wear over time and how you are going to maintain its appearance to keep it looking like the first day.


The headboard can’t be a chambermaid’s worst nightmare. Make their work more productive by choosing fabrics that can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. We are not talking especially about the headboard, but also about the cushions, bedding, sofas or curtains.


It is essential that the fabric you choose stands the test of time with ease. You should keep in mind that your hotel will be a place with a lot of foot traffic, so we recommend choosing a fabric with properties that conceal dirt, that can be easily maintained and that contain as few details as possible.

These are the three key aspects of choosing the ideal headboards for a hotel that we think you should consider. We may have missed some that you consider important. If so, we invite you to let us know in our comments.

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