Guide for terrace decoration

Before the good weather linked to summer bids farewell, closing the door to the outdoors until the new season, we summarize this guide with five simple tips to make the decoration of terraces as inspiring as practical and cozy. In this manual we merge some of the trends
trends that have marked the decoration of terraces and balconies this summer -whether local or
-whether local or private – with the ABCs of the
chill out style
The designs are designed so that relaxation, beauty and comfort form a ‘menage a trua’ based on balance. We accompany these tips with some images that we hope will inspire you.

terrace decoration
Via MGC Diseño de Interiores Online.

1. Chill out decoration as a recipe

Use the ABCs of the chill out style in the decoration of your terrace to invite you to stay for its charming comfort: with low or above the ground furniture, poufs, cushions and pillows you will multiply its comfort. Natural materials – wood, rattan, stone, etc. – combined with soft and dim lights – based on candles – will help you to create atmosphere and transmit balance. Make white the color of harmony and don’t forget the textile details. Finally, take advantage of the icons of the chill out & lounge styles, such as the
Balinese bed
bed, the
BKF chair
chair or the
for example, to add a touch of exoticism, design or chic elegance.

terrace decoration
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chill out terrace decoration
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terrace decoration
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2. Inspire with your eclectic spirit.

Eclecticism, as you know, is a trend in 2014. Why settle for one style if we can combine the ‘best’ -that is, what we like best- of each one? This year’s interior design is based, in this line, on the past to live its present without ceasing to glimpse the future. Thus, furniture and details from different periods and styles embrace each other to create spaces with their own identity. Recovered classics, restored and vintage pieces take weight to make the past a reference combined with contemporary, avant-garde and design furniture.

However, it is not advisable to mix too much and it is necessary to know how to do it. Otherwise you may fall into the error of overloading the environment.

terrace decoration
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3. A personal touch

Place a DIY or recycled piece to give a unique and personal touch to the terrace decoration. Whether it is
pallet furniture
handmade planters or any detail inspired by the magic of reuse.

terrace decoration
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4. No lack of plants and flowers

Flowers and plants not only add a touch of color to the terrace. They also fill it with life and joy. Hanging, entangled in trellises, arranged in planters and pots… you can place them as you like. The important thing is that their presence is made visible.

terrace decoration
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terrace decoration
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5. A furniture according to the use

We conclude this decorating guide with a truism that, precisely because it is a truism, is often overlooked. Sometimes it is forgotten that before designing a terrace and choosing the outdoor furniture it is necessary to weigh its use, characteristics and functionality. Thus, there is no point in wanting to allocate the space for leisure with friends, if we fail to place table and seats for this purpose, to cite an example. Similarly, if the terrace has a swimming pool, it is logical to provide it with sun loungers.
sun loungers
and an awning or umbrella so that sunbathing is a possibility, not an imposition. However, sometimes practicality is lost in the pursuit of ‘window dressing’ beauty, when in fact both characteristics are not at odds. It’s a matter of combining functionality and style in furniture.

With this idea it is also necessary to choose furniture suitable for outdoors. In other words, they must be resistant to the sun, humidity and contact with the ground so that they do not lose their properties due to high temperatures, contact with water or friction.

terrace decoration
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