Furniture for the Hospitality Industry Volume II

The decoration in a hospitality business is essential to transport the customer to a unique atmosphere, where food, service and environment are conceived as a whole.
This is the only way to ensure that our customer’s experience is totally satisfactory, which will make them repeat and recommend us.

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The Vintage, Retro and Industrial style, even based on styles from other eras, is a very current type of decoration, where ideas such as recycling or sustainability become important. In many hotel establishments, both new and those that have undergone a complete renovation, incorporate this decorative style.

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Essential for this decoration are materials such as steel, iron, aluminum and even chrome, are characteristic materials of this style, and present in tables, chairs, lamps and all kinds of accessories. Wood accompanies, and it is ideal to use it in natural, matte tones, to provide a dose of warmth.

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The Vintage trend has merged with the Retro and Industrial style, achieving original, cozy and quiet environments, where the client forgets about stress, hurry and urgencies during his stay.

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The BKF chair is a very good option in this sense, since it combines design, with metal structure and different materials in the seat, natural leather, aged leather, canvas, leatherette or vinyl fabrics such as silvertex.

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Worn furniture, exposed pipes, masonry walls… are very common elements in this type of decoration, complemented with metallic lamps and even in some occasions with materials such as cement.

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