Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal

When we talk about a hospital, what comes to mind? A serious and boring space where we have a not very pleasant experience.

Health comes first. And interior design is next, we would say. We are glad to see that lately and more and more, the health sector is betting on the aesthetics and comfort of the stay. We receive more and more projects where the idea is to offer patients a pleasant and warm environment adapted to their needs.

Furniture for Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers What should we take into account when choosing them?

When choosing furniture for hospitals, clinics and health centers in general, it is advisable to choose pieces with very straight lines, which transmit clarity, brightness and cleanliness.


Of course it must be comfortable furniture, as it is designed to make people feel as comfortable as possible during the waiting time. It is recommended that the structure be made of high-density foam rubber, since it is a quality material, is hygienic and molds perfectly to the contour of the person sitting on it.

Easy to clean upholstery

Regarding the upholstery fabric, it is always recommended that it be easy to clean and antibacterial. The most commonly used are nautical leatherette, Silvertex or Filtech.


Another factor to take into account when choosing hospital furniture is its resistance and quality. They are furniture exposed to intensive use, so the materials with which they are made must withstand the passage of time.

Here are some of the hospital and clinic furniture ideas in which we have participated:

Puerta del Mar University Hospital

What better way to make a hospital more attractive to children than to fill it with colors! It is the easiest way to keep the child amused and distracted. As odd as these combinations may seem at first, don’t forget that details go a long way.

Notice the wallpaper and vinyl wall design used to complete this “look”.

Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal
Pediatrics furniture Hostital Universitario Puerta del Mar

For the pediatrics project, our client asked us for multicolor furniture consisting of Menorca sofas, corner pieces of the same model and rigid cube puffs.

Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal
Furniture for Pediatric Hospital Area with lots of color

Sitting on a nice sofa is not the same as sitting in a waiting room chair. The custom sofa set has certainly made the space more comfortable.

Check out this special custom sofa!



Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal


The result, together with the rest of the decoration, was wonderful: an original solution for a unique space. Apart from being an original idea, in our factory we have been as excited as children about this project!

Granada Trauma Medical Center

What about adults? We live in constant stress and therefore it is crucial to have pleasant spaces like the one we are going to present.

This is a project for a clinic where, in addition to the medical service, you will find pilates classes, physiotherapy and the possibility of diagnostic tests. A professional place where you can breathe confidence and tranquility.

Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal

In this case, appearance also matters. A space was designed with a predominance of neutral colors combined with turquoise furniture to reinforce the corporate image. For this project, cabrera model sofas were made to measure, optimizing the space so that the users are as comfortable as possible.

Another key point was the customization of furniture with the logo embroidered on the backrest. An elegant technique with excellent results.

Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal

Furniture for franchises: Dorsia Clinics.

Making furniture for hospitals and health clinics is a great responsibility, it is necessary to be prepared at all times, adapting the chosen model to the available space in each clinic.

In Fiaka we strive to maintain quality and aesthetics and therefore we are proud that franchises such as Dorsia Clinics trust us. The style by which these beauty clinics are characterized is very representative. They go for simplicity, minimalism and our IOS sofa model.

Why this particular model?

It lives up to its brand, bringing brightness to the space, made of contract fabric, especially for clinics and being adaptable to any space.

Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics: Projects that Heal

Waiting rooms with a design that conveys full elegance and perfectionism.

Each of our clients is unique and full of ideas, surprises and novelties. If you do not want to miss the latest in decoration and interior design of each sector follow us and we will surprise you.