Furniture for events: dress up a great day

When planning an event, it is advisable to make a list of everything important. The components vary depending on the type of event. However, a very common list common to all events is composed of the attire, the venue, the name of the guests, the food and…the event furniture.

This last point is the most interesting since it sets your style and the atmosphere in which you want to be involved on your big day. However, it is also one of the most headache-inducing. To avoid this, you can turn to professional decorators or choose the furniture you like best. To make your task easier, we want to tell you which furniture is the most frequent in each type of event:


There are many weddings: outdoor, beach, country, church, and many more. It is such a personal and intimate type of event that it creates thousands of possibilities to celebrate this day. Each couple is special and unique and each atmosphere created marks the character of the event.

Wedding furniture

In weddings where furniture plays the most important role is in the outdoor part of the celebration. There, between the tables and the guests’ chairs, small chill out areas are usually created to rest and take pictures. Among the most famous types of furniture in this case we highlight the rigid benches. Due to their minimalism and simplicity, they adapt to any wedding style. Here are some examples of weddings where this decorative element has been used. Note that you can also combine it with a contract sofa of the same characteristics.

Wedding furniture
Wedding furniture. Vega del Henares event.

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As with weddings, there are several types of concerts. However, it is an event that takes place in a large indoor or outdoor space. If it is a concert, the best option is to prepare the seats.

Seat cushions

Custom-made mats are very useful in these cases along with cushions.

Event cushions

If it is a small concert in a more enclosed space, you can make use of rigid poufs. They will serve both to seat those who have come, as well as to serve as a table.


Birthdays are fun, joyful and more family-oriented parties. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Celebrate it on the beach with your friends if it is in summer or in a cozy bar with the music you like if the weather is bad. There are endless possibilities and an infinite number of furniture that can be part of the decoration on this day. We can advise you from pallet furniture for a garden party to terraces with custom-made furniture. Do you have any ideas yet? You’re the boss!

Event furniture

Children’s party

For the smallest children, the ideal furniture is the so-called soft furnishings. The pear poufs, ball poufs or marine poufs are ideal for children to have fun and enjoy themselves. Fill the room with them and you will have a safe room where children can celebrate with enthusiasm this special day.

Children's Puffs

If the event is outdoors, don’t worry! Poufs made of nautical eco-leather will withstand outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Puffs


We moved from informal to more serious events. Before a congress or a protocol meal, the most demanded furniture is the armchairs or sofas with minimalist lines. Contract decoration is usually used, unless it is a more thematic congress. Very often this furniture is customized with the logo of the company giving the conference and its participants.

Whatever your event is, remember that there is furniture for every decoration idea. We encourage you not to limit yourself in your search for inspiration. If you don’t know where to find it follow us on our Pinterest profile, you are always welcome.