Furniture for a chill out terrace

The percentage of hotels and restaurants that opt for the chill out & lounge style for the decoration of their terraces continues to increase. Many businesses opt for this aesthetic, looking for the maximum relaxation of their customers in spaces of singular beauty. In recent years, in this line, they have opted for the more eclectic side of this style.
eclectic side of this style, following a trend in decorating
following a trend in decoration that gains weight for its potential to create unique exteriors.

furniture for a chill out terrace
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Not surprisingly, the locals and accommodations are looking for a differentiation that invites you to stop by and a comfort that leaves that good memory that always makes you want to come back. And, if there is something that defines chill out spaces, it is their design thought to make relaxation an experience, as well as their possibilities of combination with other styles to give way to exteriors with personality and charm. Features such as these make chill out & lounge styles triumph in terraces and outdoor spaces.

furniture for a chill out terrace
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To decorate terraces based on the ABC of both styles, it is necessary to choose the right furniture. Especially when it comes to hotels and premises, where their use will be greater, the quality and resistance of the furniture is of paramount importance. Before choosing – as we have already emphasized on more than one occasion – make sure that they are suitable for outdoor use. This prevents humidity and sun from wearing them out, causing them to lose color and, even worse, possible breakage due to being outdoors. If they are also easy to clean, you will prevent them from ending the season with impossible stains.

Furniture for chill out terraces
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We launch five proposals that always triumph in the decoration of terraces:

Balinese beds:

For its exotic beauty, the
Balinese bed
The Balinese bed, which can be enjoyed seated or lying down, becomes an indisputable attraction on summer terraces. The canopy models, whose gauzy curtains provide privacy and charm, are also very practical for shelter from the sun.

Balinese bed Fiaka Ambient
Fiaka Ambient Balinese bed with full wooden structure
Balinese beds
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1. Loungers

There are elegant designer sun loungers – in our catalog you can see some of them – that add a chic touch to terraces, while fulfilling their practical function. You can also opt for designs with a rustic touch, in case the chill out terrace is of Provencal inspiration.

furniture for a chill out terrace
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furniture for a chill out terrace
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furniture for a chill out terrace
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2. Wooden or masonry seats

Sometimes it is decided to make seats of work for the terrace with the intention of giving it a rustic air. In these cases, we recommend choosing custom-made mattresses of sufficient thickness to ensure comfort.

furniture for a chill out terrace
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3. Recycled parts

In recent years, recycling has gained weight in decoration, becoming an ally with potential when it comes to designing spaces with character. The range of possibilities is as wide as the imagination: from sofa made of pallets, to tables with tires or lamps with bottles…

furniture for a chill out terrace
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4. Puffs

Regardless of the model – rigid, soft or pear – poufs have become part of the chill out style, offering a simple and comfortable seat that invites you to relax unhindered. Puff chairs elevate this sensation to its maximum exponent.

furniture for a chill out terrace
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