Five key trends in decoration 2012

Everything points to the fact that in the decoration trends of this year 2012 will be predominantly directed towards natural decoration. In this sense, in addition to using plants as decorative elements, several factors must be taken into account, which we are going to summarize in five keys for this year’s chill out decoration:

1. Recycling matters

Using old items and giving them a new life, especially when it comes to using old obsolete objects and giving them a function that was not what they were created for. For example, give hangers a new use to decorate with plants, as in this tutorial from designspongecom. You can also reuse socks to make baby mobiles, or a spectacular work table with a double-leaf door. For months now, the internet has been abounding with wonderful ideas for recycling furniture and objects.

Recycled furniture decorating trends 2012 Fiaka

2. Natural color palette

We bet on moss green, wood brown or lead gray furniture, combined with white. It is better if we combine large white chill out furniture with small vintage elements in these colors, for example the divan or the Balinese bed.

Balinese bed by

3. Free space and functionality

This year, functional furniture has to serve at least two purposes. And they should not take up more space than necessary; chill out environments are better with freedom of movement. We recommend chests to be able to store things inside, and small poufs.

4. Rural and ethnic touch

Animal decorations are back (better sculptures or photographs than stuffed animals, of course), realistic flower and plant prints (take a look at Kevin O’Brien’s pillows), the vintage or aged touch in the paint, the exposed wood. The project of the New York gallery Openhouse has caught our attention, recreating in its closed interior the look, climate and details of an open and totally natural park, in the heart of Soho!

Park Here

5. Some art

Which painter could be the perfect one to set the perfect atmosphere for a floral and plant-based chill out decoration, with greenery and organic colors, open spaces and large volumes? We suggest you to get a large and well framed print of Gustav Klimt, since this year 2012 marks his 150th birthday in his native country, Austria, and he will undoubtedly be the artist of the year.

Gustav Klimt chill out decoration by Fiaka