Fiaka: handmade furniture

This week we have proposed you to get to know us a little better, trying to transmit the care and meticulousness with which we treat each product that leaves our factory.

At Fiaka, ideas are one of the most important starting points. In many cases, we develop the pieces that become part of our catalog ourselves.


but in other cases, it is our own customers
who invite us to participate in their projects, being able to adapt and create the furniture that best suits each situation.

Photo via Fiaka

Once the design is completely outlined, the next step is to make the pattern for each piece. Our team gets down to work taking care of all the details, carrying out quality checks of the fabrics


and producing the material that will be used in the subsequent manufacturing stages.

Photo via Fiaka



trust us to customize the furniture they order from us. Our graphic designer takes care of all the details so that our clients’ logos shine on the different pieces.

Photo via Fiaka

Once in the sewing department, each piece is sewn by hand one by one by our seamstresses, who are true dressmaking artists.

Photo via Fiaka

In the upholstery upholstery the piece takes its final shape. From the structure to the upholstery of each product, nailed and sewn completely handmade, to achieve a final result that leaves no one indifferent to any of our customers.

Photo via Fiaka

Finally, we check the result of the work done and carefully pack our products so that they arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

packaging with logo
Photo via Fiaka

Everything is ready to enjoy the result. What do you think?

les sablletes-france-sunset
Photo via Les Sablettes