Fiaka at the “Day of the Hospitality Industry”.

Today, October 13, 2020 is celebrated as the “
Day of the Hospitality Industry
. A day that serves to honor all those businesses and workers in the sector. A sector that is undoubtedly one of the country’s main driving forces and that is currently experiencing complicated times due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

V Edition of the “Day of the Hospitality Industry” is an idea that arose from the
is an idea that comes from the hand of Hostelería de España, the Federación de Cocineros y Reposteros de España (Facyre), the European community of Chefs Euro-Toques and Makro, and is part of the international project of
Metro AG
Makro’s parent company, Metro AG, to boost activity in the hospitality sector in 25 countries. countries.

A particularly necessary initiative to support, today more than ever, all those businesses that are being greatly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Fiaka’s close relationship with the hospitality industry


Hospitality is one of the main drivers of our company. At Fiaka we have been able to provide
quality hospitality furniture and personalized
and personalized advice to a large number of businesses.

During all these years, we have managed to bring together
furniture experts
interior and exterior design professionals
with a large number of passionate hoteliers who have wanted to create exclusive environments and spaces where their customers feel at home.


Our team of furniture experts manages to transform each day hotels, restaurants, bars, terraces, cafeterias, commercial centers, franchises, pubs and discos in unique and recognizable places for anyone who visits them.

For this reason, we feel the obligation to support this sector to the maximum in this
Day of the Hotel and Catering Industry,
and we invite you, as a hotelier, to participate with us on this day.

The importance of hospitality and tourism in Spain


To realize the importance of this sector in the country’s economy, one only has to take a look at its turnover in previous years. In 2018, the hospitality industry had a total turnover of 123,612 million euros, accounting for 6.2% of the national GDP, according to data collected by the “Anuario de la Hostelería en España”.

Regarding employment, the hospitality sector reached 1.7 million workers, which is 71,000 workers hired more than in 2017.

This figure places the hospitality sector in third place among the sectors that generate the highest number of employees. generates employment in the country, behind industry (12.8%) and commerce (15.6%).