Exterior design: El Rincón del Faro

A new Chill Out terrace has opened its doors under the sky of the Bahía de los Naranjos. This is the restaurant Rincón del Faro, a culinary reference in the tourist town of Cullera (Valencia), which has decided to expand its gastronomic offer with a generous outdoor terrace consisting of a dining area and a relaxation area where the selected chill out furniture has been made by Fiaka. We are looking forward to visiting it!

Designers: EMPRENidea

EMPRENidea, responsible for the design and execution of the terrace, is an Interior Design and Management agency. From the experience of each of its creators, they have founded this company specialized in creating and promoting business, with the objective of achieving aesthetics, expansion strategies and investment management to ensure the success of the business.

EMPRENidea is characterized by the versatility of its projects, both for businesses and individuals, where the taste, needs and budget of the client are its main premises. Based on them, we always seek to create unique spaces that generate visual comfort and a satisfactory experience when inhabited.

El Rincón del Faro’s chill out terrace

“The chill out terrace of Rincón del Faro is designed to serve the fantastic signature gin and tonics they prepare accompanied by the best music”, says EMPRENidea. It is constituted “as an open space but with some semi-transparent elements, such as fabrics and plants, which offer a certain intimacy as if it were a VIP space”. A forceful self-supporting structure, composed of decking, pillars and beams of native pine, “has been painted white, seeking the freshness, elegance and life that this color brings us”.


To complete the space it was necessary tohave “a modern chill out furniture, with straight lines, resistant to the outdoors and most importantly, modular; the solution was found with Fiaka’s furniture”. On the one hand, the Menorca armchair, according to the agency, “meets all expectations magnificently, allowing different modulations to be generated according to needs”. Thus, the cylindrical table or the rigid puff, with its circular shape, allows a free arrangement within the compositions. The Puff L also offers a “more casual and relaxed seating that gives the space an informal feel”.

Terrace Restaurant Rincón del Faro
Fiaka furniture, in Rincón del Faro.


Chill out terrace, circular tables
Rigid circular tables, made of resistant material. Photo: Tania Redondo
Chill Out Terrace
White, fuchsia and plants with modular seating. Photo: Tania Redondo

A few touches of fuchsia are the only touch of color in a pristine white space, “where the aim is for the senses to relax and for the clients themselves and the music to create a different atmosphere each time”. Very soft indirect lights and RGB spotlights make the terrace and the furniture “at night it is tinged with different colors generating different sensations and experiences”. In short, a changing space available to anyone who wishes to experience it.