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Exterior design – or exteriorism – seeks the perfect symbiosis between nature and culture, says designer Jean-Marie Massaud. In this line, he tries to ensure that outdoor spaces fulfill their function and speak about us, without renouncing their natural essence. This harmony must be achieved by taking into account the practicality as well as the beauty of the space. Before including ‘artifice’ in the design of terraces, gardens or patios, it is necessary to balance these aspects so that nature and character go hand in hand.

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In the exteriors of hotels and venues this balance is paramount, as businesses must transmit their brand image, that is, their essence, connecting with nature in a space where customers can enjoy their leisure time ‘just like at home’. For the formula to work, the exteriors must be as beautiful as they are cozy and comfortable. It is necessary to avoid cold environments where the connection with nature is buried and artificial.

The idea is to achieve intimate exteriors that transmit the warmth of home – especially if it is your own home – as well as the feeling of freedom associated with the outdoors. Here are some ideas that will inspire you to achieve it:

1. Wooden structures

Wooden structures – be they pergolas, trellises, lattices or porches – combined with decking or pallet flooring are common in outdoor design, which often uses natural materials to emphasize the connection to the earth. Its combination with plants, such as vines that become part of the structure itself, allows for lively, cheerful and beautiful spaces.

Exterior design
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The awnings and umbrellasespecially on
summer terraces
are also very important, since they allow to create spaces where to take shelter from the sun.

Exterior design
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Outdoor furniture

As we have already mentioned, outdoor furniture must be resistant to the sun and humidity so that it does not lose its properties, color and characteristics. Because of their exotic design, beauty and possibilities, the Balinese beds
Balinese beds
with or without canopy, are fashionable in the decoration of terraces and outdoor chill out & lounge environments. Also the
sun loungers
very elegant and practical pieces in environments with swimming pools, have a great weight in exteriors.

Exterior design
Balinese bed with canopy and rectangular Balinese table.
Exterior design
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In the terraces of hotels and locals are frequent designs that seek maximum comfort and elegance combining comfortable sofas with armchairs, designer chairs and tables to create charming environments in contact with nature.

Exterior design
BKF chairs combined with wooden sofas. Via One Kin Design

3. Recycled parts

As you well know, recycled and DIY pieces have been in fashion in decoration for a few years now, by highlighting their character. Exterior design does not escape this trend, which is also in vogue in outdoor spaces. The
seating and pallet seating
tables and furniture also built from pallets or reused elements give an original and personal touch, making a difference.

Exterior design
Construction site seat. Via My Leitmotiv

4. Mattresses, cushions, puffs and pillows

Chill out, lounge, Ibizan and Mediterranean atmospheres triumph in outdoor spaces. Pouffes of different styles are often used to design them, in addition to
combined with cushions and cushions and pillows.
. Eclecticism, that is, the combination of different styles, and the rustic are also trendy.

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Exterior design
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5. Green Zones

Landscaping is essential to outdoor design. In this case, it is best to rely on professionals who use nature as a tool of expression to achieve environments that are as natural as they are artistic. If you are going to try it on your own, plants and flowers will become your best allies.

Exterior design
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