Essential furnishings for hotel dining rooms

Finding furniture for hotel dining rooms often becomes a great challenge for the person in charge of this function. In some cases, this task corresponds to the owner of the hotel itself. In others, the hotel owner or manager delegates this function to one of his or her employees, such as the restaurant manager or the head of purchasing. Although this is an arduous task, if done successfully, the improvement for the hotel’s dining room will be noticeable from day one. For this reason, we want to help you choose the right furniture for your hotel dining room.

What furniture do I need for a hotel dining room?


The appearance of the hotel’s dining room is the first impression guests get when they enter the restaurant. However, the quality of the food served can make a guest return for a repeat experience at that hotel. Winning over the customer through food is a very effective strategy in many hotels. It has been proven that the sense of taste plays a very important role in decision making in the brain. For this reason, many guests return to hotels where they have had a good experience with the food.

The food must be good. So far we all agree, but in order to offer a complete customer experience, we must not neglect to offer them a pleasant and comfortable climate during their stay. The key to achieving this climate is knowing how to choose the right hotel dining room furniture that combines comfort, strength and practicality.

Aspects to consider when choosing furniture for a hotel dining room



Comfort is a fundamental aspect to ensure repeat customers. No guest wants to return to a restaurant where he or she did not feel comfortable. For this reason, it is necessary that the furniture is comfortable enough to make the client want to repeat the stay.

Resistant materials

The resistance of the furniture to the passage of time is fundamental when choosing it. These are going to be used for many years by many customers, so it becomes a very important aspect to take into account to avoid having to change them after a few years. To manufacture quality furniture it is necessary to use the best materials available on the market. Materials that, due to their properties, usually have a price and that, anything that is much lower than that price, is equivalent to reducing the quality and resistance of the product. Therefore, you should not fall into the trap of choosing cheap furniture.


Design plays an important role when choosing furniture. By furniture aesthetics, we don’t mean knowing how to choose beautiful furniture, but customized furniture that matches the brand image of the business.

Value for money

Most consumers are governed by this relationship when we need to buy any product. When it comes to buying furniture for professionals, the same the same thing happens. We will need to analyze the quality of the materials with which it is made and its resistance to the passage of time. For example, we expect a piece of furniture made of solid wood to be of high quality, just as we expect it to have a high price. In this case, the price is justified. The same applies to furniture made of chipboard. The quality of the materials used in its manufacture is low, so we expect its price to be low as well.

Thus, you will need to consider your needs and assess which furniture best fits your budget.

Current needs

Although projecting oneself in the market in ten or twenty years is an excellent mental exercise to maintain a forward-looking attitude, the ideal is to respond to the needs of the present. Do not be hasty in making decisions. Compare and evaluate the furniture that best suits your needs. You may even consider the possibility of acquiring
custom-made furniture
that adapts in the best way to the dimensions of the restaurant. Buying custom-made furniture will allow you to make the most of the dimensions of your premises.

Furniture that cannot be missing in any hotel dining room


To choose the right furniture you will need to divide the area into several sections. Make a map of the dining room and draw on it the distribution of the furniture. This way you will have an idea of all the furniture you will need. In case the hotel restaurant has an outdoor area, you will need specific outdoor furniture. This type of furniture is made of special outdoor materials that allow them to withstand various weather conditions.

Interior furnishings

In a dining room you can’t miss neither
chairs for restaurants
tables for restaurants
. Without these two pieces, there would be no dining room, although many hotels are opting to place
benches instead of chairs, a very
instead of chairs, a very comfortable option that provides much more order for the distribution of diners. Leaving aside these two indispensable pieces of furniture, you may also need
if you are considering the option of placing a bar, a display for the food, if your dining room has an open buffet or auxiliary tables and small cabinets where to place the plates for the diners.

Outdoor furniture

In case your dining room is divided into an indoor and outdoor area, you will need different furniture for each area. When choosing outdoor furniture, you will need to make sure that any furniture you place outdoors is prepared to withstand the sun, wind, rain or humidity.