End of product life

What do we do when a product has reached the end of its useful life?

Wooden furniture is increasingly used in architecture and wood in construction due to its durability. Although it has been incorporated into many areas of our daily lives, there are those who are unaware that it can also be fully recycled or extend its useful life.

Human beings are definitely transforming the planet into a huge garbage dump. However, we are convinced that everything will have a solution. Equally, in the eyes of the majority we do not see and are not aware of the great risks this is having on the ecosystem. In Fiaka we are very aware of this and therefore we want to do our bit to solve this big problem and promote recycling and durability, the useful life of our furniture made of wood from regulated and sustainable production.

End of product life


1 – Wood as fertilizer

By converting wood into chips or sawdust, it can be transformed into an organic mixture which would be a natural fertilizer for our crops. Sawdust is rich in carbon and this is what is needed to create compost.

2- Give it a second life

Nowadays, it is possible to make a second sale of that piece of furniture that one day was bought and that for different reasons, we want to change or get rid of it. For them, different resale channels can be used to promote a second life for the furniture.

3- Take it to a clean point

A very good option for recycling used furniture. In some cases, the municipalities themselves provide this collection service. Get informed before you get rid of your furniture. Your municipality probably has a weekly or occasional service that can collect from the container closest to your home. You can also check with the nearest clean point.

4- Donations to non-profit organizations

Sometimes we can help in the simplest of ways. There are neighborhood and municipal associations that collect all kinds of belongings, such as furniture, and then deliver them to the neediest families. These services are completely free and regulated.

5- Bioenergy Production

Bioenergy can be produced from forest materials through various processes ranging from burning sticks, wood furniture, branches for cooking…and generating heat, to gasification of wood chips to produce transportation fuel. It is a less developed option, but one that is increasingly on the rise.

6- Manufacture of renewable containers and packaging

From the recycling of a wooden furniture we can obtain from reused boxes and packaging with a useful life of 10 years to exhibition counters for fairs or events or even for the usual trade.

Finally, we attach a brief description of the new circular bio-economy that occurs in wood, and therefore in the furniture we make from it. In the image we can visualize a whole process of recycling and life of a wooden furniture.

End of product life