Drawing for a pouf chest like the ones from Big Brother!

In the end we decided to do it, and we are delighted with the response. In less than a week, 700 people have participated in the drawing for one of these trunks, and there is still one more week to go. If you want to win a Fiaka.es pouf chest valued at 125 euros, the same as the one that appears in the bedrooms of ‘Big Brother’ but in the color chosen by the winner, visit our Facebook profile.

To participate and win one of these trunks you just have to be one of our followers. The sweepstakes will be held through Totombola.com’s sweepstakes tool. You can see how this type of furniture looks like in the post we did about Big Brother 12 +1 furniture.

Fiaka’s trunks, in their three sizes, are very useful for organizing spaces and maintaining order, especially in bedrooms, and being soft furniture, they are ideal as furniture for children’s bedrooms. The advantage of leatherette is that it is durable and easy to clean. To clean leatherette, just wipe it with a damp cloth once every week or two weeks and it will always look as good as new. No other products should be used, as many can be abrasive, nor grease, because it is not leather or other real leather.

We manufacture them, so we know what we are talking about. And we make the structure and padding to last as long as its owners can care for it. Good luck to all participants!