Dining room decorating ideas for New Year’s Eve

The essence of the New Year’s Eve dinner is to enjoy it in an appropriate festive atmosphere. This year, as was the case on Christmas Eve, looks very different from previous years. Security measures require that we do not exceed the established capacity, we will have to wear our mask and open a window or two during the night to clean the air. In any case, we must celebrate the beginning of the year as it deserves, applying all safety measures and hoping that the year that is about to begin will be much better than the one that is leaving us. En today’s article we want to leave you a lot of ideas to decorate the dining room for New Year’s Eve to make this dinner a special and cozy moment.

New Year’s Eve Dining Room Decoration Ideas

There are many ways to prepare your dining room for New Year’s Eve dinner. From decorating the table itself, the tree, the fireplace, the chairs or placing a different lighting than usual.

Opt for simple decorations

Less is more. Especially when it comes to when it comes to organizing a quieter New Year’s Eve than usual, but without losing the essence of what it really is: a family celebration.


You can use a colorful tablecloth with small branches on the plates and also decorate them with some red fruit, such as pomegranates, to give them a Christmas look. This combination will blend perfectly with the colors used on the Christmas tree.

If you want to go further, you can buy gold-colored cutlery, very fashionable at this time of the year.

A little trick is to mix the classic with the modern. You can choose to mix traditional festive scents, such as red or green with rustic touches to create a warmer atmosphere.

Add to your table some holderscandle holders in gold colors and stack the plates your guests will be using with contrasting color patterns to add more color.

Finally, you can choose to fold napkins differently. Search for a tutorial on internet to show you different ways to fold napkins, so you’ll have a conversation piece to talk about with your guests.

Place small bows on the back of chairs.

Place ties on the backrest of the chairs


is a simple way to add a little pizzazz to the dining room table.

dining table

. It’s an easy way to unify your holiday decor with your existing color scheme.


Take a look at the predominant colors in your dining room decor and choose a color that will go well with them. Normally, for these occasions we usually opt for gold or silver colors, but choose the one that best combines with the decor of your living room.

Try them and judge for yourself. If you don’t like the way they look, change them.

The Christmas tree, fundamental

The Christmas tree is the main attraction of any dining room at such a dinner, and even more so if you are one of those families who prefer to leave the gifts under the tree and open them on New Year’s Eve, taking advantage of the fact that the whole family is together.


Decorate the Christmas tree with red and gold/silver balls, plus line it from top to bottom with garland and a nice strip of lighting.

And of course, don’t forget to turn it on when your guests come over.

Decorate with garlands

Garlands are one of the decorations that should not be missing when decorating any space during these dates. They are inexpensive and you can get them almost anywhere.

decorate-dining-room-for-New Year's Eve

You can get your hands on some garlands in metallic and bright colors to give that festive look that we love so much during these dates.

You can combine them with a banner made by you. Buy a small string and cardboard stars from a local store. Glue these stars to the rope and fix them anywhere with tape.

Decorate with cozy and attractive tones

Warm colors mixed with natural materials create a very cozy atmosphere in which your guests will feel very comfortable.


If you do not have warm colors in the dining room at home you can find blankets or cushions with those tones. You can also add warm colors with the Christmas decorations that you use for both the tree to decorate any other part of the dining room.

You can also remove some of the decorative elements that you normally use to replace them with others that are more Christmassy during these dates.

Do not neglect vegetation

You can create this effect by making your own homemade mini trees with small tree branches. tree branches.

Simply take branch clippings from a real fir tree, and place them in small vases. This green color, together with red, gold or silver will create a very welcoming color contrast that will delight any of your family members.

decoration-dining room-new year's eve

In addition, you will add a touch of naturalness and personality by adding these small homemade mini trees to the table or anywhere in the dining room at home.

These are just a few ideas for decorating the dining room on New Year’s Eve. Can you tell us about yours? What are you going to surprise your guests with this holiday season?