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Outdoor decoration is focused on creating environments that invite you to stay and enjoy the outdoors. Not surprisingly, patios, terraces or gardens are places of leisure and relaxation par excellence, especially in summer, when the thermometers invite you to go outside. When it comes to design, we must prioritize comfort and aesthetics, without forgetting the suitability of the materials – not all of them are suitable for outdoor use. Our goal is none other than to create a comfortable and harmonious space whose beauty inspires us. With this in mind, we summarize some ‘decotips’ that can help you.

A commitment to simplicity

Far from transmitting the peace that is essential in a world where stress reigns, the charged environments are asphyxiating. For this reason, we advise you to avoid stridency and excessive details. The intrinsic beauty in simplicity rarely fails to make “less is more”, underlining the words of the father of minimalism. With few elements, but well combined, you can create an environment with personality and ‘soul’. It is a matter of choosing those with which we identify ourselves, either as people – in the case of the home – or as a brand – if it is the exterior of a store.

Exterior decoration
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Exterior decoration
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Natural evocation

When it comes to transforming the terrace or patio into a personal paradise, there is no better source of inspiration than nature itself. Materials that evoke nature, such as stone, wood, wicker, rattan or bamboo, among others, are ideal for this purpose. The stone sofas and stone seats, the wooden beams, the pergolas made of untreated logs or the cane ceilings typical of the rustic style, although also frequent in Mediterranean style decoration, create a cozy atmosphere and are also very functional, as they help to keep the environment cool.

Exterior decoration

Exterior decoration
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Colors inspired by nature, such as white, which intensifies the natural light of the space, blues and greens, reminiscent of the sea and vegetation, and brown tones that evoke the earth are usually very present in outdoor decoration.

In short, the idea is to somehow capture the essence of natural landscapes to ‘recreate’ that feeling of peace and freedom that they transmit.


Mixing styles is in fashion this year. The possibilities are as wide as the tastes, although it is advisable not to overdo it so as not to overload the atmosphere. Among the aesthetics that reign in exteriors, both for their beauty and comfort, are the Mediterranean and the Ibizan, as well as the chill out and lounge decoration. These styles share many features and the maxim of a design designed to relax.

Exterior decoration
Mediterranean style patio

They can be combined with a rustic or ethnic touch… a zen or oriental touch, a vintage or romantic air, etc… matching the contemporary with the classic… The ‘couple’, ‘ménage à trois’ or ‘orgy’ of styles depends on the personality you want to give to the environment. Of course, we insist that it is advisable not to abuse the mixtures, since it is not difficult to get out of tune. Like the music that fuses melodies, it is necessary to look for a harmonic composition in the decoration. The pieces must fit together like a puzzle without squeaking.

Terrace decoration

A personal touch

There are different options to give a personal touch to exteriors. The most obvious is to customize the furniture with a custom design. Design classics such as the Acapulco, Butterfly, BKF, Eames Plastic, Diamond, Director, etc. are also frequently used.

Exterior decoration
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There are, on the other hand, pieces that have become true icons in outdoor decoration. This is the case of hammocks, sun loungers, swings or Balinese beds with or without canopy. The latter are mainly used on the terraces of premises and hotels.

Trend-setting recessing can also be used to give character to the space. There are plenty of DIY ornaments and furniture for terrace decoration. The most common are sofas made of pallets and construction work and tables or benches made of logs, although there are designs with all kinds of materials used.


Use textiles such as linen, chiffon or white tulle curtains to embellish the space and, incidentally, shelter it from the sun. Awnings and umbrellas can be used with the same idea. Complement the furniture with cushions and even a rug to give a touch of color different from the predominant one.

Exterior decoration

Exterior decoration

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers fill the outdoors with life, making them bloom literally and metaphorically. The roofs full of vines, on which bunches of grapes fall when the season arrives, the vines twining between the beams and pergolas, the scents of jasmine and lady of the night under a starry summer sky, the geraniums, roses and other beautiful varieties of flowers splashing color in a sea of white … become much more than details to inspire with outdoor decoration.

Exterior decoration
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