Design on the banks of the Pisuerga River

On the banks of the Pisuerga, open to the beautiful views of this beautiful river, is the new terrace of Monasterio Café y Copas, a well-known pub located in the southern area of Valladolid. We open the ‘doors’ of this modern and spacious place decorated with chill out furniture by Fiaka Ambient.

Terrace with chill out decoration
Panoramic view of the terrace

The first thing that catches the attention of the chill out design terrace of Monasterio Café y Copas is its emblematic enclave. Hence, it has been glazed so that guests can enjoy its dreamlike views without any obstacle. The beauty of the river becomes part of the place, turning it into an idyllic space.

Monasterio Café y Copas
Door of the premises

White, the quintessential color of chill out decoration, underlines the brightness of the terrace and its diaphanous layout. The furniture combines modern and elegant Menorca armchairs, in this case, personalized with the logo of the local and rigid cubic puff puffs of different sizes giving an Ibizan touch to the atmosphere. With these designs, the restaurant is committed to the comfort of its customers, who can comfortably enjoy its varied preparations and gintonics -specialties of the house- in the company of good music and beautiful views.

chill out terrace of Monasterio Café y Copas
Entrance to the terrace
chill out decoration
Interior of the terrace

chill out decoration
decoration of chill out terraces
chill out furniture for decoration of premises
chill out furniture

Not in vain, since its opening in 2006, the ‘Monas’, as everyone knows it, has been committed to the care of the small details, the treatment and closeness with its clientele, among which it is easy to find the Real Valladolid players, who usually frequent it. In addition to its wide range of drinks and cocktails, it also offers delicious canapés and snacks. During the week it also organizes wine tastings of local wines with dinner included at low cost prices.

decoration of premises
Inside Monasterio Café y Copas

Inside Monasterio Café y Copas
decoration of premises

Inside Monasterio Café y Copas
Playground area of the premises.
Wine tasting with local wines in Monasterio Café y Copas
Real Valladolid players enjoy a tasting with local wines.
Cocktails and mixed drinks are specialties of the house.

These specialties, together with its treatment, have turned it into a reference of the Valladolid hotel and catering business and an unavoidable destination if you are in the city.

For more information you can visit this iconic venue’s Twitter and Facebook pages.